10 Best Laravel Development Tools and Resources

With continuous evolution in the technological sector, Laravel has come a long way after building a wide range of unique web applications over the past few years. In fact, the technology comprises best features that cover all aspects of everyday use cases, and you can enjoy the creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Fortunately, several Laravel development companies are brewing up offering customized, high-performing, and quality-driven solutions. The following post emphasizes on how to make the most of the top laravel framework, Laravel developer tools and resources. Are you ready to explore the laravel development arena?

About Laravel Development

Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework – Best Development Tools and Resources For Web Development

Laravel Ecosystem
Laravel Documentation
Laravel Debugbar
Laravel Forge
Laravel Vapor
Laravel Entrust
Laravel Tinker
Laravel Backup

In a Nutshell

1. About Laravel Development

One of the most wanted frameworks used to conduct PHP development. Laravel is a web application framework found under an open-source license. Taylor Otwell created laravel featuring MVC architecture. And you know what the real potential of the web development framework is? It has the potential to create unassailable advanced web applications.

This is not it! When you use Laravel, both developers, as well as businesses, can save ample time. In other words, rather than designing and maintaining. the structure of your application, you can concentrate on the main functionality you need to design. As a result, almost all industries are trending towards using laravel development for their upcoming web projects.

1. Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

According to some relevant stats, more than 1,14,640 live websites made on Laravel which is more than 3,46,000 till now. With an objective to focus on smooth integration with high-end simplicity and functionality, it surely does wonders for your web development project.

Let’s see some aspects which probably establishes the Laravel framework as one of the top weapons available in the PHP arsenal.

1. Object-Oriented Programming libraries – Have you ever wondered why Laravel has such a unique or different position in the world of web development? Well, its pre-installed libraries are one of the core reasons. Especially the authentication library which provides advanced login and database security solutions. Other features to keep your eyes on include checking active users, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection, and encryption.

2. Artisan – The next feature in line is the Artisan tool. This is one of the best Laravel developer tools developed to use the Command Line Interface. It features a big list of commands built-in, and you can see it by issuing the ‘PHP artisan list’ command to it. Moreover, it offers a building custom commands tool to modify according to your needs and preferences. Now, what does an artisan do? Well, it makes a controller, model, can become a service provider, migrate data, create test data using tinker and a lot more.

3. Routing – Laravel has the ability to make routing an easy, simple and quick process during development. The developer can trigger a route with greater flexibility in the application and control to match the URL.

4. Authentication Security – In laravel, everything is configured appropriately. Also, it provides features to organize authorization logic as well as control access to resources. Laravel offers a wide range of security measures that use a salted and hashed password, so it never saves as plain text to retrieve easily from the database. Besides the reminders rage of password, it offers password reminders and reset features.

5. Template Engine – You know laravel is completely different! It has an intuitive templating engine called Blade, which helps developers work with HTML spaghetti or typical PHP better. Moreover, Blade comes with no performance overheads for your application.

Undoubtedly developers can use laravel as a backend web development framework. But I have come across many aspirants who ask how to make the most of Laravel development tech. First, of all get the basics right! And once you are done with that look around for a great number of tutorials, courses, and eBooks from which you can learn the Laravel framework.

2. Laravel Framework – Best Development Tools and Resources For Web Development

Now I would like to mention a list of 10 resources to improve laravel application performance. but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use all of them to learn Laravel. Even a single learning resource can be okay But knowledge is like the more the merrier.


It is the smart IDE that suits the Laravel framework best. PHPStorm run smoothly, it has smart code navigation, allows fast and safe refactoring, easy debugging and testing. Additionally, it is also a good code formatter.

IDE is a crucial part of developing as it increases the productivity of the developer while saving time at debugging codes. Many developers use PHPStorm for its seamless performance.

2. Github/Bitbucket

GitHub and BitBucket offer Git services. However, depending on the structure of the project and its requirement one needs to select between the two.

Imagine you are developing for a small enterprise using the laravel framework, then you must choose BitBucket. By doing this, you can avoid sharing the code repositories.

You can have a limited number of collaborators and the need to have private repositories BitBucket is the best option. All the plans in BitBucket give unlimited access to the private repository while allowing max 5 collaborators in the free plan. However, for open source projects, the availability of having unlimited collaborators in GitHub makes it the best choice for the developers working with the Laravel framework.

The Git repository is easy to pull and push coded while it automatically merges the code with changes and time tracking.

3. Laravel Ecosystem

Among all development tools and resources, this one is my favourite. The Laravel ecosystem offers numerous opportunities, powerful Laravel hidden features like encryption, BCrypt, and much more.

4. Laravel Documentation

One of the most special aspects of laravel is with documentation, you can receive in-depth knowledge of the technology. In simple words, laravel documentation can assist you in learning a variety of concepts in great detail which you may or may not be able to learn from other resources.

So if you want to enhance your expertise in laravel or any other PHP technology in particular, just make sure you don’t remain restricted to learning from any tutorial site or course site. Do spend some adequate time researching more to broaden your perception.

5. Laravel Debugbar

As the name implies, laravel excels when it comes to debugging an application. All thanks to laravel debugbar. Mainly displayed at the bottom of the browser, it provides the debug information. The queries tab of the debugger displays the number of queries that have been fired.

It also displays the route being called, the templates that have been rendered along with the passed parameters in detail. In this debugger, the developer also that the option of adding messages using Façade and will appear under the ‘Message’ tab.

6. Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge is a tool for configuring your web application to automate the deployment using the PHP server. Some of its interesting features include security by default, database backups install SSL certificates within seconds, Allows you to restart each service, Easily sets up necessary SSH keys, Provides an automatic setup, Free SSL Certificates, etc.

7. Laravel Vapor

Now, what is a vapor? It is an auto-scaling, serverless deployment platform mainly used for the best PHP framework. I am talking about none other than laravel. Trust me, try this once and you will fall in love with the scalability and simplicity of serverless.

Right from auto-scaling web/queue infrastructure to zero-downtime deployments and rollbacks, environment variable/secret management, database management, Redis cache management, automatic uploading of assets, custom application domains, DNS management, etc are included in Laravel vapor.

On and all, it works just fine! No two ways about it!

8. Laravel Entrust

Whenever you hear the term Entrust in PHP space, it means the process of adding role-based permission. By using this tool, laravel developers can create four tables:

Roles Tables – For storing role records
Role _user Table – For storing one-to-many relations between roles and users
Permissions Table – For storing permission records
Permission _ Role Table – For storing many-to-many relations between roles and permissions

Under these tables, roles can set up at different levels. There are other models like User, soft deleting, short syntax router filter, route filter and such in Entrust.

9. Laravel Tinker

Unfortunately, most of the laravel developers are unaware of the fact that the PHP framework includes REPL (Read—Eval—Print—Loop), Tinker. This Tinker console enables you to interact with your Laravel application from the command line in an interactive shell. Now what happens is usually programmers choose a command line to interact with the project but with Tinker, one can easily access all the events and objects. This is an optional add-on that requires to be manually installed for Laravel versions after 5.4.

10. Laravel Backup

Last but certainly not least is Laravel backup! Reliable development services would not ignore such laravel tools. It creates a backup of all the files that are used in the application. The backup is created with a zip file that contains all the files in the directories that you have specified. It also has all the dump of your database in the project directory.

The best feature of this Laravel Backup tool is that the backup can be stored on any file system.

3. In a Nutshell,

Like I said this is not all! You may find numerous write-ups, articles on laravel tools, resources, and reading more will sooner or later pay you off!

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