#322: Upgrading Upgrades

Dee and Chris talk about a recent release where we re-built the upgrade experience on CodePen. For example, you’re a free user, you want to upload an asset, you can upload via a modal that pops up, and get on with your task. You could kind of do that before, but it was much jankier UI and UX. This release brings that experience in line with current design patterns on CodePen.

But the reality of this release is much deeper than that. There were a half-dozen or more mostly behind-the-scenes releases that were stepping stones to this. The biggest of which was around cleaning up our billing model and billing data into a much easier to manage and much cleaner place. While doing that work, we identified some users that needed to upgrade to maintain their status, so a big aspect of this release was reaching out to them about that, which meant building the lowest-friction-possible upgrading experience and giving us a chance to try out something we’d never tried before: discounts.

Time Jumps

00:31 Topic introduction

02:07 Billing is complicated

04:08 Epihany about how to fix billing

09:49 Sponsor: Jetpack

11:52 How this affects a user

14:41 How do we decide what to work on at CodePen?

16:37 Testing out the idea of offering discounts

21:17 Getting distracted by clean up work

Sponsor: Jetpack

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