#323: Trends

Chris & Marie talk about some of the types of Pens that have been particularly popular this year so far, now that’s we’re halfway through it. There is still plenty of time to make the best-of-the-year list (you could make a Pen the third week of December and still make it!). Heads up though, giving out hearts in general on CodePen is a great idea as it helps improve search results, helps improve your own personal feeds, and helps people feel good about what they make.

Some trends are eternal, some trends are ephemeral, and we talk about them both.

Time Jumps

01:06 Practical UI

03:55 Sharing on dark social vs public

07:23 Sponsor: Netlify

09:37 Educational content

12:27 Complete layout pens

15:12 Commenting and hearting

17:54 Generative tools used in a practical design

21:21 Ana Tudor

24:25 Real world visuals

26:43 Glassmorphism

28:36 Stretching the limits of new tech

32:20 Greensock

Sponsor: Netlify

The original coiners of Jamstack! Netlify helps you with everything Jamstack. They are a static file host, which is incredibly useful already, in that it means your site is fast and secure and scales forever. That also opens the door for deploy previews, which have gotten even more amazing lately with feedback tools built right in. But they also help with dynamic aspects of the Jamstack like processing your forms and running cloud functions.

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