333: Robert

New CodePen team member! As we recorded this, it was just Robert’s 2nd day at CodePen, and we snuck this podcast in within the hurricane of stuff happening during that time. There is a pile of new software to get access to and acquainted with. There is the dev environment stuff. There is getting acquainted with people, with the extra challenge of doing that remotely. There is understanding the flow and structure of our work days. There are meetings! So many meetings! Figuring out the Zoom culture.

For now though, we chat about Robert’s history and how we’re luck to have gotten someone with such deep expertise in the field. He lives right in Bend, Oregon where Chris is, hence them knowing each other through BendJS.


00:36 Guest introduction

01:37 Blind spots exposed by new hires

03:48 What’s it like to onboard at CodePen?

05:42 Sponsor: Jetpack

06:45 More about Robert

11:22 Is it important to work on things that matter to you?

15:03 A computer is a fancy wrench

20:16 Did Node draw you to Javascript?

25:35 Where CodePen is headed

Sponsor: Jetpack

It’s so cool that Jetpack acquired Social Image Generator. Jetpack already does stuff to help your WordPress site be better integrated with social media (check this video), so why not really go the extra mile and help you with those tricky-to-pull-off social media images? We’re all very much looking forward to see what new features this acquisition unlocks.

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