336: Cassie Evans

Cassie Evans is our special guest this week! Cassie is a front-end developer with a special talent and passion for animation and SVG, as evidenced in part by her amazing work on CodePen. She’s recently became part of the team over at Greensock, a very popular JavaScript-powered animation framework.

We got to talk specifically about the Greensock 3.8 release and an SVG workshop she’s got ready to that she does with the gang at Pland.

Time Jumps

00:33:18 Guest introduction

02:41:07 Moving to Greensock

07:32:16 Licensing for Greensock

09:46:24 Sponsor: Retool

11:24:11 Container animation

17:29:12 Personal website as a playground

18:46:03 Fast Scroll End + Prevent Overlaps

24:30:14 IsInViewport

27:48:11 Directional snapping

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