338: With Lynn Fisher

Lynn Fisher is my guest this week! You might know her as @lynnandtonic on CodePen and most other platforms. We get to talk about her A Single Div project and all the CSS magic that goes into those, other creative projects and why those are so satisfying, a recent transition over to Netlify, and the fact that we’ve worked together on an illustration project without ever having met.

Time Jumps

00:49 Guest introduction

02:06 Web illustrations in a single div

07:40 Background tools

10:28 Sponsor: VideoPress

12:27 Workflow for creating single divs

17:00 Changing from client work to product work

21:45 What are you excited about?

26:11 Illustrations for flexbox guide

Sponsor: VideoPress

There is a bit of a rebirth of VideoPress that just happened! If you run a self-hosted WordPress site like we do, VideoPress is a major upgrade to hosting videos in content. You get VideoPress through Jetpack. If you buy Jetpack Complete, you’ve got it, otherwise, it’s an ala-carte purchase. Meaning if VideoPress is the only feature of Jetpack you want, no problem, it’s literally the only thing you need to pay for and use. To name a few things… with VideoPress you get a nice customized video player, cloud-hosted optimized video delivery, playback speed control, and the videos will look good on mobile without you having to manually create a poster.

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