340: With George Francis

Chris gets to chat with George Francis, an incredible digital artist in the generative art space as well as educator and all-around developer. George has been all over the place lately, producing really outstanding work (CSS-Tricks uses a Houdini paint worklet from George in the header and footer). Not only does George make art that has that little special something that turns heads, he helps you do it too by sharing all the tools and techniques he uses in blog posts.

Time Jumps

00:28 Guest introduction

01:35 Do you like the term Generative Code?

03:27 Limiting the randomness

06:04 How do I random blob?

10:52 Sponsor: Netlify

12:22 Which blobs get popular on CodePen

16:00 Working with Houdini

23:08 What goals do you have with your work?

26:49 NFTs and generative code

29:46 Tell us about your day job

Sponsor: Netlify

Netlify has used the slogan “Static without limits” — which I really like. It’s useful to think of Netlify as a static file host as the foundation. That’s what Jamstack is, after all. But it doesn’t mean that you are limited in what you can build. You can make a site that is every bit dynamic as any other architecture out there, and Netlify not only encourages it but will help you do it with features like hosted cloud functions.

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