341: Challenges

Marie and Chris talk about CodePen Challenges, which have been going strong for many years now. The gist is that you pop in and make something along a theme. The “challenge” is doing the work (they aren’t meant to be tricky otherwise). We’ve seen people seriously level up their skills by participating, but of course, there is no obligation, and no prizes other than the satisfaction of a job well done.

One interesting twist is that Chris used to do a lot of the challenges while Marie was running the podcast, but we just up and switched jobs and we both prefer our new jobs much better (for now!).

Time Jumps

00:51 Explaining how time works

01:45 Having monthly themes

06:33 Sponsor: Netlify

08:08 How to be a part of challenges

13:03 Putting together the challenge collections

17:04 Makes sense from a business perspective

19:28 Swapping roles and creating more joy for everyone

25:47 Using better dashboards to build fun things

Sponsor: Netlify

Just look at the October 2021 changelog at Netlify. They are always building things and making the features they offer better. We know firsthand how difficult that is to pull off, so hats off! One feature (BETA) that is definitely worth a look is On-Demand Builders. What a great idea for making your builds and deploys fast and efficient.

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