344: With Aaron Iker

Today I get the pleasure of talking with Aaron Iker. Aaron builds incredibly delightful bits and bobs of UI that give you the feeling of hey, I bet I could actually use this! And that’s exactly what Aaron wants you to do. He takes care to make sure the code is easy for you to use if you wish. This idea of taking somewhat practical-looking UI elements, like buttons, loaders, toggles, etc, and then making them do something unexpected and fun is a perfect fit for popularity on CodePen. Last year, Aaron occupied 10 spots in the Top 100! Aaron’s advice: keep challenging yourself.

Time Jumps

00:17 Guest introduction

01:13 Designing for usability

03:43 Sharing across multiple platforms

05:03 Are you interested in 3D?

05:54 Sponsor: Netlify

07:18 Where do you get inspiration?

08:58 Is this what you do professionally?

12:52 What do you reach for in tech tools?

15:35 What’s your process for creating?

19:36 Do you use other platforms?

23:47 Feedback differs on platforms

26:07 Any advice for people?

Sponsor: Netlify

Netlify is Jamstack hosting with all sorts of features to help make developing sites easier (have you seen Netlify Dev? You can run the whole platform locally) and deployed sites better. But Netlify is a big place! They do all sorts of community things like Jamstack Explorers, a whole learning platform for leveling up your Jamstack skills. Not to mention several YouTube channels loaded with learning and fun.

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