345: With Gabrielle Wee

This week I talk with Gabrielle Wee, who’s done loads of creative coding work here on CodePen but like so many other creative people we talk to, her creativity explodes into so many other areas like illustration, photography, drawing, and even gardening. Plus a desire to share those techniques. Her path has led her to be working at Apple, a dream job.

Gabrielle on Dribbble and Twitter.

Some advice from Gabrielle: doing work that she was personally interested in, rather than pandering to any recent trend, was much more fun and led to more clear success. Also: be curious and inspect element.

Time Jumps

00:28 Guest introduction

02:50 Personal website with fancy domain name

04:26 CSS Trickery

07:59 Putting code out into the world for the first time

09:23 CSS Nest Dropdown animation

11:48 What’s the job trajectory to working at Apple?

15:51 Sponsor: Jetpack

17:18 What else was on your path to getting a job?

20:13 Where does your art training come from?

25:33 Making Pokemon in code

26:45 What about Daily UI?

28:49 Making gradients you think you can’t pull off

31:27 Closing advice

Sponsor: Jetpack

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