346: With Ben Evans

You might recognize Ben Evans from his absolutely incredible CSS “paintings”, like the portrait of his daughter or the still life. Paintings aren’t the quite word as Ben designs them all to be entirely scalable. And sometimes they have interactivity, like the slight parallax in the Vaccum from Space. Like so many other great artists, Ben’s skills aren’t isolated to CSS trickery, his portfolio reveals artist exploration across nearly every creative outlet there is, including moss, and as I learned in our conversation, even music.

Time Jumps

00:42 Guest introduction

02:02 Working in mediums other than computers

03:42 How do you do this with just CSS?

06:48 How many divs are needed for hair?

11:00 Is it easier to use a drawing app or divs?

13:50 Sponsor: Notion

15:38 Why do you build these?

17:25 SVG vs CSS

19:44 How did you end up in tech?

26:51 Learning Blender

28:35 Making a CSS game

31:52 What are you excited about in the future?

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