347: Using Notion

Rachel and Chris dig into the many, many ways in which we use Notion at CodePen. Heads up, Notion has sponsored a couple of episodes of CodePen Radio lately, but not this. It’s just a tool we heavily use and this podcast is all about that sort of thing. Heck, this podcast itself was planned in a calendar database on Notion, which deals with dates, publication status, sponsors, and all sorts of stuff. And it’s probably one of the least involved Notion setups we have. Much more involved is stuff like project planning and our individual structures for our company-public weeknotes.

Time Jumps

00:28 Topic introduction

01:21 Tools we’re using for CodePen

04:51 Getting buy in from the team

07:57 What is Notion?

10:55 Multiple views of the same data

13:58 What does CodePen actually use Notion for?

20:04 Sponsor: Jetpack Backups

21:27 Second brain storage

23:44 Roles and permissions in Notion

31:14 Other features of Notion

36:37 Fav Notion recent feature

Sponsor: Jetpack Backups

The big news from Jetpack is that all backups are realtime now. Realtime backups are awesome. Anything that happens on your site, it’s backed up immediately. That makes backups extremely useful as there is no risk you have to miss three-quarters of a day of content, purchase, comments or anything else because all you have is daily backups.

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