348: With Jhey

Jhey Tompkins is one of the most prolific CodePen creators out there! Find him as @jh3y on CodePen and @jh3yy on Twitter. His creations tend to have a twist of whimsey while being beautifully designed as well as pushing the platform in unique ways. You’ll always be surprised at a Jhey Pen! I talk with him about the creative process, problem-solving, and sharing what you learn.

Time Jumps

00:37 Guest introduction

04:57 The origins of the bear pen

06:12 What’s your process?

11:00 Sponsor: Notion

12:46 Do you feel satisfied when a project is finished?

15:04 Incorporating sound

16:02 Working with Kent Dodds

19:43 Starting with problem solving as an interest

21:00 Video and streaming

25:00 Working with Egghead

29:49 Do you try to keep up with all the things?

Sponsor: Notion

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