349: With Olivia

Olivia Ng has done loads of wonderful work here on CodePen and off (check out her super cool travel bucket list site) She got started just out of pure desire to build things. “I just really like the internet” she told me. Hear hear! Her eye for design takes all her work to the next level. She had a particular focus on grid for a while there, and used those interesting designs to teach it. Also find her on Twitter and on her personal website.

Time Jumps

00:25 Guest introduction

02:00 How did you get into coding?

05:45 Design as a way into code

07:01 Sponsor: Jetpack

08:59 Blogging interesting designs

12:07 Deciding on what features to use

14:58 Designing toggles

16:19 Makeup color grid

20:03 Working in one sitting vs over a longer period of time

22:25 What was your employment story?

26:56 Working in 3D on CSS

29:05 Is work fun enough or do side projects help to be creative?

31:02 Rotalics

Sponsor: Jetpack

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