352: With Aysenur Turk

Aysenur Turk had a number of appearances on this year’s Top Hearted of 2021, including #1! In this podcast, I get to catch up with her, find out where she gets ideas and inspiration, how much time it takes to build something like her amazing layouts, and what her favorites are.

Time Jumps

01:05 Guest introduction

02:05 Is your pen your fav as well?

03:35 What draws you to make a full interface?

06:14 Sponsor: Retool

08:03 How long did these take you?

09:23 What order do you build in?

10:34 Do you have a favorite trend to code?

12:20 What are you looking forward to in 2022?

14:54 What are your sources of inspiration?

16:57 What is your job?

19:16 Have you thought about making money off the work?

20:32 Is coding fun?

25:37 Any advice for fellow CodePen users?

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