353: With Louis Hoebregts

Louis Hoebregts (aka Mamboleoo) has been creating wonderfully creative Pens on CodePen for many years. His early work, as we learn on this episode, was inspired by the CSS trickery of Lea Verou! He rotates his tools between HTML and CSS, SVG, and canvas, but tends to have an aspect of motion and the unexpected. Some of the most popular Pens have an aspect of education to them as well. Here’s a list of Louis’ Pens he chose to talk about, covering some of his history here, each of which is symbolic of a personal era and often unlocking new professional doors:

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/ynzCu (March 2014)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/dzyBu (Aug 2014)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/ByxPvG (Feb 2015)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/pvQQde (March 2015)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/dowRJo (Aug 2015)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/xGeELo (Aug 2015)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/PZWPZx (Jan 2016)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/oxaXdj (April 2016)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/Bppdda (Jan 2017)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/GRJKoBw (Feb 2020)

https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/WNxOvjo (Oct 2020)

Time Jumps

00:34 Guest introduction

02:35 His first Pen

05:21 Second Pen

09:13 Sponsor: WooCommerce

10:50 Animating a photo (2015)

15:23 ThreeJS Pen

18:26 Generative art and NFTs

21:18 Turn your mind Pen

25:11 Teaching code

29:12 Try to have fun with code

30:01 Happy New Year Pen

32:42 CSS 3D Pen

36:22 Running a Meetup

40:48 Most popular Pen

43:24 Among Us inspired Pen

44:32 The Trick to Viewports in Mobile article

Sponsor: WooCommerce

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