358: CJ Gammon

I got to chat with CJ Gammon this week! CJ is a creative technologist, a term he’s tried to hang onto as he does more development work, so he can continue to communicate that he’s a designer as well. CJ has been at Adobe for nearly 10 years and has played with a huge variety of interesting creative technologies.

Time Jumps

00:18 Guest introduction

01:21 What do you call yourself?

02:53 Working at Adobe

03:56 The Great Fall Pen

05:14 Black Sun Pen

07:49 Is print design still an important area of creativity?

09:30 Text color draw Pen

12:09 Flash as a gateway into web animation

14:49 Colordraw and Snap display pens

18:29 Bringing text Regions to the web

21:12 Winter trees Pen

23:49 Nostalgia for early web random creativity

26:21 Apple Watch Pen

30:55 What are you excited about now?

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