368: Lea Rosema

I got to talk with Lea Rosema this week! She’s an incredibly talented digital artist and front-end developer. She does quite a bit of art with some of the trickiest web technology out there: shaders! But rather than just learn it and use it, she helps other people learn and get more out of it. Several times that has taken the shape of Web Components. For example, a <shader-art> Web Component that takes some of the boilerplate work out of designing with them. See this Collection of examples.

Time Jumps

00:44 Guest introduction

03:38 Shaders

07:39 How does the shader work?

13:30 Sponsor: JS Nation

14:15 Dealing with strange looking code languages

17:53 What drew you to working in this tech?

20:20 Slider plugin

23:53 Half tone circle Pen

26:12 Magic Pixels

27:17 State of my brain Pen

28:37 Wandering through a twilight landscape Pen

Sponsor: JS Nation

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