Announcing .NET Foundation Election 2020

.NET Foundation Election 2020 is Here

I’m pleased to announce that the 2020 election process has begun! We have iterated on the process from last year, working to ensure that we have a healthy and diverse selection of qualified candidates for members to vote on. The details are in the policy, but here are the highlights:

Ensure stability of leadership and retention of knowledge. Directors will serve a staggered two-year term, such that after this election, only half will be up for reelection each year. To start the stagger, half of the board, chosen at random, will serve a one year term this one time. Term limits will be imposed so that each board member can only serve two consecutive terms. After that, they have to sit out the next election and can run again the following year.
A Nominating Committee will sort through the interested candidates, and proactively solicit other candidates, to present a diverse and qualified slate for the election. The Board will assemble the Nominating Committee, which will comprise of 3-5 individuals from all corners of the ecosystem. We welcome critical voices to help select candidates for the future board. The Nominating Committee will recommend three candidates per available open seat to make it easier to review the entire slate.
There will be a two week campaign period followed by a two week election using OpaVote, the same system we used last year.


Nominating Committee announce on June 15 and open nomination process begins, ending on June 26.
The Nominating Committee will present the candidates to Voting Members on July 7.
The campaign period runs from July 7 – July 21, followed by a two week election which will conclude on August 3 at 12 PM Pacific time.
Voting Members will cast their votes using the Single Transferable Vote methodology on the OpaVote system.
Results will be communicated no later than August 4 at 12 PM Pacific time.

How to Participate

Members in good standing, with dues paid (or waived), are eligible to participate. Any membership applications submitted before July 18th at 12pm Pacific time will be processed before the voting begins. You can check your membership status here

Follow us on Twitter @dotnetfdn and sign up for our Newsletter to get updates on the process, including details on how to submit nominations to the Nomination Committee.

The .NET Foundation Board is responsible for setting direction and executing our mission. The Foundation exists for you, so your participation is key!


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