Car Registration #API now available via #NuGET

NuGet is the de-facto package manager for .NET, and as perhaps a major oversight, the Car Registration API was never available via a NuGet Package.

We’ve put this live today, here: and here is are the steps to use it;

Install the following three NuGet Packages

Install-Package LicensePlateAPI
Install-Package System.ServiceModel.Primitives
Install-Package System.ServiceModel.Http

Then, assuming you’ve already opened an account, here is some sample code;

var client = LicensePlateAPI.API.GetClient();
var car = client.CheckAsync(“{LICENSE PLATE}”, “{USERNAME}”).Result;

Where evidently {LICENSE PLATE} and {USERNAME} are placeholders. “CheckAsync” checks for UK license plates, but you can change this to any country by using CheckUSAAsync or Check<Country>Async.


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