Dew Drop – July 12, 2021 (#3482)

Top Links

API versioning extension with ASP.NET Core OData 8 (Sam Xu)

On .NET Live – Commands, Queries, and Clean Architecture (Ian Cooper)

Announcing a New Free Curriculum: IoT for Beginners (Jim Bennett)

A Collection of 2020 Recorded Presentations (Jeremy Clark)

Technology & Friends – Jason Bock on Mutation Testing (David Giard)

Web & Cloud Development

Radzen Blazor Tree Creator with Checkboxes (Michael Washington)

Calling Static Web Apps authenticated API endpoints and Azure Functions, F# and CosmosDB Output Bindings (Aaron Powell)

Blazor Anchor Tag Scroll To (Cody Merritt Anhorn)

How to use the button onclick event in Blazor WebAssembly (David Grace)

How to create a Discord Bot using the .NET worker template and host it on Azure Container Instances (Niels Swimberghe)

Testing a command inside a docker container (or getting an interactive session) (Pam Selle)

Building a Return On Investment Calculator Using Blazor (Manpreet Kaur)

How I set up my new Next.js projects with a handy bash script and How to avoid using relative path imports in Next.js (Salma Alam-Naylor)

Announcing Tonic 0.5 (David Pedersen)

What’s New with Splunk Enterprise Security 6.6? (Marquis Montgomery)

How 5 companies got their developers to care about cloud costs (Scott Carey)

Aurelia 2 Update – Alpha 12 (bigopon)

Got Bots? 1: Intro to Bots & Ethical Bot Creation (Chloe Condon)

Put That Microservice Down. (George Stocker)

The Google Calendar API has changed how we manage API usage (Charles Maxson)

Support for the new Twitter API Tweet Counts Endpoint added to Social Opinion API (Jamie Maguire)

6 Things You Can Do to Make Websites Appear More Trustworthy (Suzanne Scacca)

Visual Studio & .NET

A Simple Console Periodic Loop in C# (Mike Hadlow)

How to access Apple’s App Connect API from C#, Python, and Go. – Part 1 (Chris Miller)

C# Tips to Improve Code Quality and Performance (Code Maze)

Design, Methodology & Testing

MSIX Shared Containers (Alex Marin)

Configuring Iterations for Teams in Azure DevOps (Charles Flatt)

Work offloading and controlled parallelism (Oren Eini)

Git Commit Message 101 (Al Tenhundfeld)

4 Ways Trello Can Support Your Hybrid Team (Britt Joiner)

Mutation Testing (Paul Michaels)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Announcing Android’s updateable, fully integrated ML inference stack (Oli Gaymond)

Android Apps Will Soon Be Required to Adopt Android App Bundles (Sergio De Simone)

Mixed Reality’s Positive Impact on the World (Cem Kolukisa)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Kubernetes Podcast from Google – Komodor, with Itiel Shwartz (Craig Box & Adam Glick)

InfoQ Podcast: Jason Thane on Building a Values Based Culture (Jason Thane)

Code Design – Classes & Interfaces | EP01 (MTechViral)

OnPodcast Episode 40: Windows 11 bug bash, PrintNightmare vulnerability, Office visual refresh (Podcast OnMSFT)

Merge Conflict 262: Your AI Code Copilot (James Montemagno & Frank Kreuger)

Azure Cosmos DB cache, serverless MongoDB and Managed Apache Cassandra | Azure Friday (Scott Hanselman)

The Work Item #38 – Becoming a Polymath, with Salman Ansari and Becoming a product manager with no experience out of college (Den Delimarsky)

Meta Cast Episode 202 – That Tactics Of Chartering New Efforts (Bob Galen & Josh Anderson)

JS Party Podcast – JS on Wasm (Nick Fitzgerald, Kevin Ball & Nick Nisi)

Using the Power Platform to track COVID-19 in Public Schools with Megan McCarthy | #LessCodeMorePower (Dona Sarkar & Sarah Critchley)

The Amp Hour #549 – Creative Engineering with Shrouk El-Attar (Dave Jones & Chris Gammell)

UI Breakfast Episode 217: Intuitive Product Design with Fabricio Rosa Marques (Jane Portman)

FreeCodeSession – Episode 279 (Jason Bock)

Talk Python to Me #324: Gatorade-powered Python APIs (Michael Kennedy)

Microsoft Releases Rust Video Course (Kay Ewbank)

MidDay Café Episode 15 – Microsoft Lists and Whiteboard (Michael Gannotti)


SQL SERVER – Quick Look at Suspected Pages (Pinal Dave)

How to learn about Azure SQL (Kathi Kellenberger)


How to Demo like a Pro from Windows – with video tutorials (Jeremy Chapman)

Writing Secret 2: Increase Writing Speed When You Separate Writing From Editing (Johanna Rothman)

7 Windows 11 Tips (Joseph Guadagno)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3271 (Chris Alcock)

Friday Five: Azure For Drones, Teams Tips, More! (Jeffrey Raymond Kitt)

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.07.09 (Jay Gordon)

Code Maze Weekly #84 (Vladimir Pecanac)

C# Digest Issue #371 (Jakub Chodounsky)

F# Weekly #28, 2021 – F# Community Bonanza & Rider on M1 (Sergey Tihon)

The Overflow #81: Evolving product development at Stack Overflow (Ryan Donovan & Cassidy Williams)

Reading List 279 (Bruce Lawson)

C++ Annotated: June 2021 (Anastasia Kazakova)

The Geek Shelf

 Test-Driven React: Find Problems Early, Fix Them Quickly, Code with Confidence (Trevor Burnham) – Referral Link

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