Dew Drop – July 13, 2021 (#3483)

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Hey friends! Did you see the #MSBuild keynote we did this year as an episode of #TheOffice? Here’s the BLOOPER REEL! (Scott Hanselman)

A Better Way To Discover APIs With The New Endpoints Window (Khalid Abuhakmeh)

David Starr on Better Engineering Practices – Azure DevOps Podcast Episode 149 (Jeffrey Palermo)

Hover-ink over dual-screens (Meir Ben Itay)

Web & Cloud Development

Permission-Based Security for ASP.NET Web APIs (Andrea Chiarelli)

Refactoring CSS: Introduction (Part 1) (Adrian Bece)

How To Migrate From jQuery To Next.js (Facundo Giuliani)

webpack? esbuild? Why not both? (Johnny Reilly)

Securing Multi-Cloud from a CISO Perspective, Part 3 (Anton A. Chuvakin)

Working with Strings in Go (Manoj Debnath)

When stateless services are useless (Szymon Kulec)

Integrative Molecular Diagnosis — A FHIR Integration Approach (Steve Munini)

ASP.NET Core 6 – HttpLogging – log requests/responses (Josef Ottosson)


Using the Xamarin REPL Tool (Masha Altukhova)

Xamarin.Forms – Working with Behaviors in Xamarin.froms (Delpin Susai Raj)

Visual Studio & .NET

Evolution of An Async LINQ operator (Bar Arnon)

Alexa Skills SDK for .NET (Tim Heuer)

Simplify debugging with DebuggerDisplay attribute dotNET (Davide Bellone)

Target Typed New Expressions in C# 9 – Are They The Future? (Adam Storr)

How to access Apple’s App Connect API from C#, Python, and Go. – Part 2 (Chris Miller)

Merge PDF Files – C#, VB, and Java Code (Gabriel Smith)

Dealing with access tokens in dotnet (Josef Ottosson)

Visual Commander v3.2 automates Visual Studio 2022 (Sergey Vlasov)

The overall design and a first look at the internals: A deep dive on StringBuilder – Part 1 (Andrew Lock)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Managing Focus Transitions in Slack (Divya Kamath)

Link Issues to Commits and Code Reviews in Space (Evgenia Verbina)

Expert Reviews, Usability Testing, and User Research – What’s the Difference (Jason Beres)

The difference between software and hardware projects (Tomi Mester)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Introducing the Android Game Development Kit (Scott Carbon-Ogden)

Charge your Tesla automatically with Raspberry Pi (Ashley Whittaker)

Introducing Editing Functionality in Flutter DataGrid (Neelakandan Kannan)

The Internet of Things is a Complete Mess (and how to Fix it) (Troy Hunt)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

The Stack Overflow Podcast 356: So you’re not getting along with your engineering team and The Stack Overflow Podcast 357: Leaving your job to pursue an indie project as a solo developer (Ben Popper)

Revision Path – Jeffrey Henderson (Maurice Cherry)

DevTalk Podcast 67: SwiftUI. With Ed Snider (Kerry Lothrop)

The 6 Figure Developer Episode 203 – NuGet and TikTok with Jon Douglas (John Callaway)

Learn C# with CSharpFritz – Advanced C#: Let’s Build an Analyzer and Learn C# with CSharpFritz – Get Started with WPF (Jeff Fritz)

FreshMvvm Basic Navigation Concepts in Xamarin.Forms (Gerald Versluis)

Unhandled Exception Podcast – Blazor with Chris Sainty (Dan Clarke)

IoT for Beginners | Internet of Things Show (Olivier Bloch & Jim Bennett)

Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast – Mia Urman on the Year of Automation and Migrations to the Cloud (Bob Rhubart)

Microsoft 365 Dev Podcast – Building an Application on the Microsoft 365 Platform with Elio Struyf (Jeremy Thake & Paul Schaeflein)

AGL 210: Cultural Agility with Paula Caligiuri (John Rouda)

The MongoDB Podcast #67 – MongoDB Evolved with Mat Keep (Michael Lynn & Nic Raboy)

SQL Server Radio Episode 130 – We just talk about stuff (Guy Glantser & Eitan Blumin)

Community & Events

The Future of FHIR DevDays: Becoming an International and Hybrid Event (Ward Weistra)

An update for partners with Microsoft Partner Network competencies (Dan Truax)


Cumulative Update #25 for SQL Server 2017 RTM (Hristina Sarankin)

SQL SERVER – Altering Column – From NULL to NOT NULL (Pinal Dave)

RavenDB 5.2: Rolling index deployment (Oren Eini)


July 2021 – Azure PowerShell updates (Damien Caro)

How to create a VSS snapshot (Emin Atac)


Best Video Converters – 3 Great Video Converters and What Makes Them Great (SabrePC Team)

Microsoft to Acquire of RiskIQ to Bolster Security Tools (Brad Sams)

Windows 11: Everything you need to know (Ed Bott)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3272 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-07-13 (Dan Rigby)

Sands of MAUI: Issue #16 (Sam Basu)

Weekly Notes – #71 (Miguel Bernard)

[Last Week in .NET #50] – Copilot or JEDI? (George Stocker)

The Geek Shelf

 Visual Studio 2019 Tricks and Techniques: A developer’s guide to writing better code and maximizing productivity (Paul Schroeder & Aaron Cure) – Referral Link

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