Dew Drop – July 5, 2021 (#3477)

Top Links

Converting the WeatherTwentyOne app from dotnet Maui to Uno and Image Resizetizer for WinUI and Uno Applications (Nick Randolph)

A weekend with GitHub Copilot (Colin Eberhardt)

Richard Lander on the New .NET Platform – Azure DevOps Podcast Episode 148 (Jeffrey Palermo)

ExoPlayer video on dual-screen and foldable devices (Hersh Vakharia)

Adding Predictive IntelliSense to my Windows Terminal PowerShell Prompt with PSReadline (Scott Hanselman)

Web & Cloud Development

GraphQL on Azure: Part 7 – Server-side Authentication (Aaron Powell)

Accessing Telemetry and Analytics for Your Azure Health Bot and Integrate Azure Health Bot with Application Insights (Abhijit Jana)

WebStorm 2021.1.3 Is Available (Ekaterina Ryabukha)

Using HSL Colors In CSS (Ahmad Shadeed)

2 Ways to Log the Current User in ASP.Net Core (Lee P. Richardson)

Top Tips for Vue 3 Development (Kevin Ashley)

10 Things You Should Avoid in Your ASP.NET Core Controllers (Vladimir Pecanac)

How to add Algolia InstantSearch to your Next.js application (Salma Alam-Naylor)

Using a Video Device with getUserMedia in WebView2 in a Kiosk Scenario (Roland Weigelt)

ESLint v7.30.0 released (ESLint Team)

DocumentViewer: Deploying Forms (Bjoern Meyer)

Cognitive Services Text Analytics: Custom Question Answering REST API(Preview) (Jamie Maguire)

Blazorise v0.9.3 – patch 10 release notes (Mladen Macanović)

Conditionally Creating Resources in Terraform (Paul Michaels)

How to get Accurate Element Width as a Floating Point Number (Steve Fenton)

Private Endpoints with Terraform (Jason Farrell)


Exploring Automation Properties in Xamarin Forms (Leomaris Reyes)

What should you do with your UWP app? (Matt Lacey)

Visual Studio & .NET

ICYMI C# 9 New Features: Adding foreach Support To Any Type (Jason Roberts)

C# 10 – Top 5 New Features in the Upcoming C# Version (Nikola M. Zivkovic)

Higher Order Functions in C#: A Practical Example (Sam Walpole)

.NET 5 Performance Benchmarks – FlexGrid for WinForms (Denis Zmitrichenko)

C sharp or B flat? Experiments in self-contained native executables in .NET (Scott Hanselman)

Is it okay to call Map­View­Of­File on the same mapping handle simultaneously from different threads? (Raymond Chen)

Design, Methodology & Testing

How Trello Can Help Your Teams Go Lean (Corey Wright)

Coding Shorts: Dependency Injection Explained (Shawn Wildermuth)

Easy Guide to Remote Pair Programming (Adrian Bolboacă)

Good Meetings (Sarah Drasner)

UX Design Lessons I Learned From a Week on the Road (Suzanne Scacca)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

What’s New in SwiftUI 3 (Sergio De Simone)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Technology & Friends – Michael Dowden on Firebase (David Giard)

Revision Path – Keisha Okafor (Maurice Cherry)

Merge Conflict 261: Windows 11 Insider Preview (James Montemagno & Frank Kreuger)

New ways to get started with Azure Database for PostgreSQL | Azure Friday (Scott Hanselman & Claire Giordano)

React Native Radio 202 – React.js to React Native (Jamon Holmgren, Jon Major Condon & Robin Heinze)

JS Party – The Elder.js Guide to the Galaxy (Nick Reese, Jerod Santo, Kevin Ball & Amal Hussein)

Electronics for Everyone with AdaFruit’s Limor Fried – Hanselminutes #795 (Scott Hanselman)

The Changelog – The foundations of Continuous Delivery (Dave Farley & Gerhard Lazu)

AGL 209: Flex with Jeffery Hull (John Rouda)

Fragmented, The Software Podcast 218: Growth Mindset with Software Developer Alan Hill (Donn Felker & Kaushik Gopal)

Humans of Microsoft S01E02: Tasha Scott (Laurent Bugnion)

Community & Events

Happy 20th Birthday, BitTorrent! (Brian Fagioli)


SQL SERVER – Find Business Days Between Dates (Pinal Dave)

Azure Container Instance and SQL server (Arun Sirpal)


Windows 11 – A First Look (Joseph Guadagno)

Windows 11 Wallpaper Downloads (Richard Hay)

Level Up: Linear Regression in Python – Part 7 (Sophie Sommer)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3266 (Chris Alcock)

.NET Annotated Monthly | July 2021 (Rachel Appel)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-07-05 (Dan Rigby)

F# Weekly #27, 2021 – SAFE 3, Hawaii & #GitHubCopilot (Sergey Tihon)

Friday Five: Azure Meets Raspberry Pi, Endpoint Manager, More! (Jeffrey Raymond Kitt)

C# Digest Issue #370 (Jakub Chodounsky)

Weekly Notes – #70 (Miguel Bernard)

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.07.02 (Jay Gordon)

Code Maze Weekly #83 (Vladimir Pecanac)

The Overflow #80: Introducing Collectives (Ryan Donovan & Cassidy Williams)

The .NET Stacks #56: Keeping it short this week (Dave Brock)

Windows 11 Musings #1 (Richard Hay)

The Geek Shelf

 The Road to GraphQL: Your journey to master pragmatic GraphQL in JavaScript with React.js and Node.js (Robin Wieruch) – Referral Link

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