Dew Drop – July 8, 2021 (#3480)

Top Links

.NET Rocks! – Azure APIs with Jeff Richter (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)

Clean Architecture Example & Breakdown (Derek Comartin)

Anagrams and Prime Numbers. Measuring Performance in .NET (Jason Bock)

Top 10 New .NET 6.0 API (Patrick Smacchia)

Advancing resiliency threat modeling for large distributed systems (Mark Russinovich)

Thoughts on Async/Await Conversion in a Desktop App (Rick Strahl)

Web & Cloud Development

TypeScript and native ESM on Node.js (Axel Rauschmayer)

Public preview of OWASP Core Rule Set 3.2 for Azure Web Application Firewall and Azure Tips & Tricks – Tip 323 – How to build serverless APIs with Azure Functions (Azure Team)

Animating The Pseudo-Element Content Property Using CSS Keyframes Animation (Ben Nadel)

Step by Step: Create Node.js REST API with SQL Server Database (Dhananjay Kumar)

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript (Gerd Wagner)

Introducing Docketeer 3.0: A Helpful Tool to Manage Docker Containers (Griffin Silver)

Neural network inferencing for PyTorch and TensorFlow with ONNX, WebAssembly System Interface, and WASI NN (Radu Matei)

Pulumi July 7 releases: new pricing, replaceOnChanges, and more (Alex Mullans)

What Is WebAssembly — and Why Are You Hearing So Much About It? (Mary Branscombe)

Schema-on-write and schema-on-read doesn’t just apply to databases. It applies to message queues, too. (Richard Seroter)

Keeping your UI fast by using this HTTP trick to check if a remote resource exists (Matt Crombie)


Introducing the New WinUI NumberBox Control (Jegan R.)

Visual Studio & .NET 4.2.17 alpha build 7858–now using .NET 5! (Rick Brewster)

How to Use Custom Comparers in NUnit (Sean Killeen)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Applying Lean Tools and Techniques to Scrum (Leigh Griffin)

Loom And Trello: Add Video To Asynchronous Work (Brian Cervino)

Git Worktrees Step-By-Step (Alex Russell)

Config as Code: What is it and how is it beneficial? (Adam Bertram)

New Future of Work: Staying productive and happy when our office is our home with Jaime Teevan and Sonia Jaffe (Alyssa Hughes)

How to build a privacy program the right way (Emma Jones)

An Introduction To Figma Interactive Components (Emiliano Cicero)

Before GitHub CoPilot There Was Facebook Aroma (Jesus Rodriguez)

The unexpected benefits of mentoring others (Matt Studdert)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Code Design – New Series (MTechViral)

Working Code Podcast – Episode 030: Carol Is Crushing It (Ben Nadel)

How DevOps Enables Business Architecture Alignment (Matt Van Vleet)

8 Bits with April Speight! (Chloe Condon & Brandon Minnick)

AWS Developers Podcast Episode 004 – Cloud Development Kit with Elad Ben-Israel (David Isbitski)

Destroying your expectations about product management (Den Delimarsky)

Writing Better Code – Cedar Rapids .NET User Group, 8/8/2008 (Jason Bock)

Web Rush Episode 141: Flexible Doc Sites with Docusaurus with Sébastien Lorber (John Papa, Ward Bell, Dan Wahlin & Craig Shoemaker)

Radical Candor S3, Ep. 8: The Measurement Problem—Development Versus Management (Kim Scott, Jason Rosoff & Amy Sandler)

WSL 2: Run Linux GUI Apps | Tabs vs Spaces (Matt Wojo & Craig Loewen)

Community & Events

Melinda French Gates will leave foundation if she and Bill Gates can’t ‘work constructively’ (Ian Carlos Campbell)

Bill and Melinda Gates take 2-year trial period at their foundation to assess partnership post-divorce (Laurel Deppen)


SQL SERVER – Making Table Read Only via FileGroup (Pinal Dave)

SharePoint & MS Teams

Microsoft Teams – How to Get a Link to a Private Channel (Jon Gallant)


Windows 11 The Lockdown (Mike James)

What Are the Top 4 Best Graphics Cards for Gaming PCs? (SabrePC Team)

What’s New with Universal Printing in Windows 11 (Michael Reinders)

HIV Vaccine Trial Starts at Oxford (msmash)

How to turn on Memory Integrity and Core Isolation in Windows 10 (Scott Hanselman)

Windows Package Manager can help you export and import a collection of software! (Sarah Lean)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3269 (Chris Alcock)

The Geek Shelf

 Concurrency in C# Cookbook: Asynchronous, Parallel, and Multithreaded Programming (Stephen Cleary) – Referral Link

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