Dew Drop – November 1, 2021 (#3549)

Top Links

Microsoft PowerToys get Windows 11 UI updates, universal mic mute, and find my mouse feature (Tom Warren)

Merge Conflict 278: Inside .NET Hot Reload (James Montemagno & Frank Kreuger)

Android Dev Summit recap (Guy Merin)

Type | Treat 2021 – Day 3 and Type | Treat 2021 – Day 4 and Type | Treat – Day 5 and Type | Treat – Wrap-up (Orta Therox)

Web & Cloud Development

Improving your ASP.NET Core site’s file handling capabilities – part 2 – Data migration (Imar Spaanjaaars)

ASP.NET Core: Deploying the TX Text Control Document Editor to Linux (Bjoern Meyer)

How .NET 6 Minimal APIs has evolved ASP.NET Core (David Grace)

Building micro services through Event Driven Architecture part17 : Securing Command HTTP API using Azure Active Directory B2C (Gora Leye)

Azure Functions Binary Data Transfer via OpenAPI (Justin Yoo)

Deploy your React Application with the Twilio Serverless Toolkit (Miguel Grinberg)

Blazor WebAssembly File Upload Using MudBlazor UI Components (Naveen Bommidi)

How I made Google’s data grid scroll 10x faster with one line of CSS (Johan Isaksson)

Logic Apps Standard Plan updates in public preview (Azure Team)

WebAssembly Dynamic Tiering ready to try in Chrome 96 (Andreas Haas)

Creating a Bootstrap Carousel from Core Components (Michelangelo Serpico)

100 days of TypeScript (Day 4) (Peter O’Hanlon)

GoLand 2021.3 EAP #6: Type Inference for Generics, Remote Development, gRPC Requests in the HTTP Client (Sergey Kozlovskiy)


WinUI Rendering in Advanced Installer (Advanced Installer Team)

Comparing MauiAppBuilder to the WebApplicationBuilder (Luis Matos)

ICYMI: Developing for Windows with the Windows App SDK (Thomas Fennel)

Visual Studio & .NET

Visual Studio 2019 Vs Visual Studio 2022 (Miguel Teheran)

ReSharper C++ 2021.3 EAP: Create New Unreal Engine Classes, and Updates for C Support (Elvira Mustafina)

Windows Graphics News – 2021 Q3 (Ana Marta Carvalho)

BERT Tokenizers NuGet Package for C# (Nikola M. Zivkovic)

My Bespoke JetBrains Toolbox Configuration (Adron Hall)

.NET Collections – IEnumerable, IQueryable, ICollection (Code Maze)

Giving a single object multiple COM identities, part 4 (Raymond Chen)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Agile Principles: Continuous Delivery (Brian Bassett)

MSI Packaging Training Book (Advanced Installer Team)

Configure build step into a Jenkins pipeline (Ciprian Burca)

The structure of a principle (Dimitri Glazkov)

A Manager’s Ultimate Guide To Effective Succession Planning (Kat Boogaard)

Don’t Keep Secrets in Code (Mark Heath)

Copy Dashboard – Public Preview Phase 2 (Martina Hiemstra)

Multi CPU building in Travis CI Enterprise 3 (Montana Mendy)

6 Spooky Statistics Showing Why You Need to Embrace DevSecOps (Payton O’Neal)

GitHub Introduces Projects, Updates Codespaces, Copilot, Code Scanning, and More and JetBrains Compose Multiplatform Reaches Beta (Sergio De Simone)

Debug Tests in Your TeamCity CI/CD Pipelines With Thundra Foresight (Yegor Naumov)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Tech or Treat Learn how to add lights to a pumpkin, and maybe add a splatter of IoT! (Jim Bennett)

Cordova: Template 6.0.0 Released! (Bryan Ellis)

Roku launches new personal-use developer kit (Catie Keck)

What’s new for artists and designers in Unity 2021.2 (Sharon Shi, Nancy LaRue, Mathieu Muller, Steven Kent, Ali Mohebali, Marc Tanenbaum, Daniel Tutino-Galletti & Benoit Dupuis)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Technology & Friends – Dave Rael on Git (David Giard)

InfoQ Podcast: Career and Leadership Advice for Engineers and Technical Professionals (Jeff Perry)

OnPodcast Episode 54: Low-cost Surface Laptop, Windows 11 rollout expands, Intel Alderlake chips (Arif Bacchus & Kareem Anderson)

Software Engineering Daily – Learning React with Kent C. Dodds (Jeff Meyerson)

GeekWire Podcast: Facebook’s virtual reality, Amazon’s new reality, and Microsoft’s big milestone (Todd Bishop)

Datadog integration with Azure offers a seamless configuration experience | Azure Friday (Scott Hanselman, Sreekanth Thirthala & Ryan MacLean)

Tabs and Spaces Podcast 111 – The future of the workplace (feat. Szabi Keresztes) (Zac Braddy, Jamie Taylor & James Studdart)

Ask the Expert: .NET Conf Highlights with Jeff Fritz (Jeff Fritz)

The Amp Hour #564 – Pavlovian Cheapskates (Dave Jones & Chris Gammell)

FreeCodeSession – Episode 311 (Jason Bock)

UI Breakfast Episode 225: Design for Non-Designers with Tracy Osborn (Jane Portman)

PPP 341 | The Pushy Project Manager, with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez (Andy Kaufman)

Community & Events

SQL Authority 15 Years of Blogging and Upcoming Changes (Pinal Dave)

The fundamental problem the .NET Foundation Board has (Georege Stocker)

Nerd Nite #101: Transportation Engineering, Local Ads and More! (Nerd Nite Philly Team)

Microsoft’s Hot Reload Drama Is a Reminder to Pay Attention (Mike Melanson)


Pragmatic BDD with RavenDB (Oren Eini)

SharePoint & MS Teams

SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: October 2021 (Mark Kashman)


Managing Microsoft Teams using the Microsoft Graph PowerShell and Sending Emails Using Microsoft Graph PowerShell (Liam Cleary)


This is how we build a zero emissions economy (Bill Gates)

Best Accessories and External Components for AI Computers (SabrePC Team)

Zuckerberg wants to create a make-believe world in which you can hide from all the damage Facebook has done (Iain Thomson & Chris Williams)

Vaccination Offers Better Protection Than Previous COVID-19 Infection (BeauHD)

Windows 11 on Surface for Business (Harshitha Murthy)

Microsoft overtakes Apple to become the world’s most valuable company (Jay Peters)

Microsoft PowerToys 0.49 adds a new Find My Mouse tool (Kunal Chowdhury)

Top 10 ways Surface shines on Windows 11 (Matt Barlow)

How to set the default user for a WSL distro that has been manually installed with wsl –import (Scott Hanselman)

More Link Collections

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-11-01 (Dan Rigby)

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.10.29 (Jay Gordon)

Code Maze Weekly #99 (Vladimir Pecanac)

Weekly Xamarin – Issue 326 – 1st Nov 2021 (Kym Phillpotts)

C# Digest Issue #387 (Jakub Chodounsky)

F# Weekly #44, 2021 – Nacara, #GitHubCopilot in Rider and Chet Husk @Microsoft! (Sergey Tihon)

The Overflow #97: Code quality is everyone’s concern (Ryan Donovan & Cassidy Williams)

Friday Five: Microsoft Whiteboard, Data Masking, More! (Jeffrey Raymond Kitt)

The Wolf Report – November 1st, 2021 (Michael Wolfenden)

The Geek Shelf

 Learn WinUI 3.0: Leverage the power of WinUI, the future of native Windows application development (Alvin Ashcraft)

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