Dew Drop – November 10, 2021 (#3556)

Top Links

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 3, and Upcoming Native M1 Processor Support (Jordan Matthiesen)

F# 6 is officially here! (Kathleen Dollard)

Introducing Windows 11 SE and devices to support K-8 classrooms (Steve Clarke)

Announcing YARP 1.0 Release (Sam Spencer)

Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 10 and What’s New in Xamarin and Visual Studio 2022 (David Ortinau)

Web & Cloud Development

File-based routing with React Router – 1 (Omar Elhawary)

Creating a Sweet Digital Clock (Kirupa Chinnathambi)

How to Get a WordPress Widget Outside of the Sidebar (Aaron T. Grogg)

React Suspense: Lessons Learned While Loading Data (Adam Rackis)

ASP.NET Core: Deploying the TX Text Control Document Viewer to Azure App Services (Bjoern Meyer)

Docker Desktop 4.2 Release: Save Your Battery with Pause / Resume, and Say Goodbye to the Update Pop-up (Chris McLellan)

4 Easy Steps to Embed a JavaScript Control into a Blazor App (Hari Venkatesh E)

Localizing Your Next.js App (Átila Fassina)

Beware of potential XSS injections when using ProblemDetails in ASP.NET Core (Josef Ottosson)

Back to Basics: Add an ASP.NET Runtime Information Startup Banner (Rick Strahl)

The inception of ESLint (Nicholas C. Zakas)

A new search experience on (Julie Qiu)

We’ve seen enough: StackBlitz is now the largest backer of Vite (Eric Simons)

GraphQL Is Built for Federation, But Don’t Do It Wrong (Anant Jhingran)

Why teaching .NET for web development – introducing minimal API (Chris Noring)

Blazorise v0.9.4 – patch 8 release notes (Mladen Macanović)

Node v17.1.0 (Current) (Michaël Zasso)

Visual Studio & .NET

C# 10 Falls Just a Bit Short (Matthew MacDonald)

Solution to Visual Studio 2022 messing up Visual Studio 2019 (Patrick Smacchia)

.NET Framework November 2021 Cumulative Update (Tara Overfield)

Fixing Error NETSDK1152 after upgrading to .NET 6 (Mark Downie)

.NET November 2021 Updates – 5.0.12 and 3.1.21 (Sanket Kalaskar)

Single File Apps In .NET 6 (Wade Gausden)

GIFs in Console Output Using ImageSharp and Spectre.Console (Khalid Abuhakmeh)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Best advice for your DevOps career? Keep on learning (Sharon Gaudin)

Authoring Custom Profile – Part 3 (Sowoon Pyo)

Auditing Coming to General Availability (GA) Early 2022! (Angel Wong)

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.3 enhances CI/CD and adds a new security manager role (Ian Marsh)

Use Decision Deadlines to Plan for Product Deliverables (Johanna Rothman)

Three rules of bug fixing for better OSS security (Kevin Backhouse)

Known issue with publishing extensions: “Your ability to create global personal access tokens (PATs) is restricted by your organization.” (Parsa Zand)

Find Your Missing SOC: Staying Compliant In Trello (Sarah Bader)

Developing in the Open (Zac Sweers)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Flutter: Keyboard Shortcuts, the easy way! (Shawn Blais)

What The Metaverse Means For Makers (Caleb Kraft)

Jetpack Compose Navigation Rail (Kristen Halper)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

CodeNewbie S18:E1 – What are SVGs and when should you use them (Christina Gorton) (CodeNewbie Team)

Software Engineering Daily – Learning Tensorflow.js with Gant Laborde (Jeff Meyerson)

AzureFunBytes Episode 61 – Deploying to @Azure is one “git push” away with @juliendubois (Jay Gordon)

Azure Cognitive Services Etc – Adventures in .NET 094 (Caleb Wells, Wai Liu & Sam Nasr)

GraphQL with EF Core 6 and HotChocolate 12 (Jeremy Likness)

Microsoft Cloud Show Episode 434 | Microsoft Ignite 2021 Microsoft 365 Recap (Andrew Connell & Chris Johnson)

AGL 233: Managing Software Teams with Ron Lichty (John Rouda)

Asp.Net Monsters #230 – Introduction to Streams (David Paquette, Simon Timms & James Chambers)

.NET Conf: Keynote (Scott Hunter & .NET Team)

.NET Conf: Post-keynote wrap up (Scott Hunter, Scott Hanselman & Jayme Singleton)

FreeCodeSession – Episode 314 (Jason Bock)

Datascape Podcast – SQL Server, Snowflake, IT Industry Advice And More (Pinal Dave)

The 6 Figure Developer Episode 219 – .NET 6 with Scott Hunter (John Callaway)

RunAs Radio – Chaos Engineering with Julie Gunderson (Richard Campbell)

Community & Events

Interview with Custom Blazor Oqtane Modules Succinctly Author Michael Washington (Jacqueline Bieringer)

We Will Be Streaming Live From Maker Faire Orlando This Weekend! (Caleb Kraft)

From Epilepsy To MVP (Jeffrey Raymond Kitt)

PowerShell & Terminal

How to retrieve an Azure AD Bulk Token with PowerShell (Christian Kielhorn)

Connecting USB devices to WSL (Ben McMorran)


Screencast Video Demo Checklist (Steve Smith)

Twitter smarter, Twitter harder with Twitter Blue (Twitter Team)

Building a High Performance Text Editor (Will Bond)

Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition Available on Azure (Thomas Mauer)

Introducing Surface Laptop SE for Education (Frank Buchholz)

Microsoft introduces Windows 11 SE, new $250 Surface Laptop SE for education market (Mary Jo Foley)

6 tips to make software developer hiring easier (Valerie Silverthorne)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3350 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-11-10 (Dan Rigby)

The Wolf Report – November 10th, 2021 (Michael Wolfenden)

The Geek Shelf

 Domain Modeling Made Functional: Tackle Software Complexity with Domain-Driven Design and F# (Scott Wlaschin) – Referral Link

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