Dew Drop – November 2, 2021 (#3550)

Top Links

.NET 6 Launches at .NET Conf, November 9-11 (Beth Massi)

Mapping UWP features to the Windows App SDK (Steven White)

John Miller on Microsoft Teams Apps with Blazor – Azure DevOps Podcast Episode 165 (Jeffrey Palermo)

GitHub keeps getting better for open source maintainers (Nick Holden)

Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event Agenda (Andy Sterland)

Web & Cloud Development

Building a Woodworking Site with Vue and Netlify CMS (Andrew Evans)

Using Azure Functions Middleware to Access ClaimsPrincipal in Azure Static Web Apps (Adam Storr)

Keystone on Azure: Part 1 – Local Dev and Keystone on Azure: Part 2 – Hosting (Aaron Powell)

Is Next.js Here to Stay? A Closer Look at JavaScript Development Frameworks (Anton Lucanus)

Usage Of CancellationToken In Asp.Net Core Applications (Naveen Bommidi)

Syncfusion Blazor Code Snippets in Visual Studio Code for MAC: An Overview (Abishake Dakshinamoorthy)

Build client web assets for your Razor Class Library (Javier Calvarro Nelson)

100 days of TypeScript (Day 5) (Peter O’Hanlon)


Using State Machine in Xamarin Forms (Part 3) (Rendy Del Rosario)

Visual Studio & .NET

ICYMI C# 9 New Features: Create Immutable Objects with Records (Jason Roberts)

Bite-Size .NET 6 – MaxBy() and MinBy() in LINQ (Matthew Jones)

Collection Performance: Looping Over Other Collection Types (David McCarter)

Diagnostics tools for App Service on Linux (Mark Downie)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Running Windows Unit tests for Kubernetes on Windows (James Sturtevant)

Challenge: The code review bug that gives me nightmares (Oren Eini)

Clean Code Tip: Don’t use too many method arguments (Davide Bellone)

Flex Your DevSecOps Muscles With Bicep (and get started with our cheat sheet) (Barry Smart)

Why SOLID principles are still the foundation for modern software architecture (Daniel Orner)

The Change Benefits Canvas (How To Visualize the Narrative of Business Change) (JD Meier)

Leadership Tip 15: Reward Meeting Behavior You Want to See (Johanna Rothman)

Leadership is a choice (Seth Godin)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Easily Reschedule Appointments with Drag-and-Drop and Resizing in Flutter (Nijamudeen)

Announcing Stencil v2.10 (Anthony Giuliano)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Syntax Podcast – Hasty Treat – How to Setup a PNPM Monorepo (Wes Bos)

Revision Path – Terresa Moses (Maurice Cherry)

The Stack Overflow Podcast 389: The big problem with only being able to solve big problems (Ryan Donovan)

Armchair Architects: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architectures – Observability | Azure Enablement Show (David Blank-Edelman, Uli Homann & Eric Charran)

Modern Web Dev with Blazor and .NET 6 with Jason Taylor (SSW TV)

Getting Started with Firebase Realtime Database and Xamarin.Forms (Gerald Versluis)

The Work Item #42 – Building The World You Want To See, with Jeff Atwood (Den Delimarsky)

Monsters Weekly 229 – Where is my Program Main method? (James Chambers, Simon Timms & David Paquette)

Google Cloud Security Podcast Episode 41 – Beyond Phishing: Email Security Isn’t Solved (Anton Chuvakin)

DevTalk Podcast 74 – Being a software consultant. With Tobias Hoppenthaler (Kerry Lothrop)

Radical Candor S3, Mini Ep. 4: How to Give Feedback (Kim Scott, Jason Rosoff & Amy Sandler)

From Marketing Major to Microsoft MVP (Microsoft Developer)

Microsoft Mechanics – See Why Microsoft Visio is Now Available to More People. Plus Recent Updates (Jeremy Chapman & Mukul Kumar)

Microsoft Mechanics – Stop Cloud & Hybrid Apps from being Cyber Attack Entry Points (Jeremy Chapman)

MidDay Café Episode 26 – Ignite, Ignite, Ignite! (Mike Gannotti)

The 6 Figure Developer Episode 218 – mTLS and K8s with William Morgan (John Callaway)

Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly – Episode 141 – Joel Rodrigues (Storm Technologies) (Vesa Juvonen & Waldek Mastykarz)

Community & Events

.NET Conf 2021, .NET 6, Uno Platform. Prizes Available! (Uno Platform Team)

Adobe MAX 2021 sneaks: A peek into what’s next (Adobe Communications Team)

.NET Conf 2021 Agenda – Conference at a glance (.NET Conf Team)

Vim at 30: Here’s Why It’s Still Relevant (Alex Baldwin)

We Are Thankful for Our Team (Eugenio Pace)

Our 3rd annual bug bounty contest: the swagtastic sequel to the sequel (Heather Simpson)

Cybersecurity spotlight on bug bounty researcher @yvvdwf (Jeff Guerra)

Game Off 2021 theme announcement (Lee Reilly)


Azure SQL Managed Instance CPU and RAM (Arun Sirpal)

The Curious Case of… the BULK_OPERATION lock during a heap NOLOCK scan (Paul Randal)

SharePoint & MS Teams

Introducing Microsoft Teams Real-time Call Quality Analytics (Siunie Sutjahjo)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3344 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-11-02 (Dan Rigby)

Sands of MAUI: Issue #31 (Sam Basu)

The Wolf Report – November 2nd, 2021 (Michael Wolfenden)

[Last Week in .NET #66] – Halt and Crash Intellisense (George Stocker)

The Geek Shelf

 Elegant Objects (Yegor Bugayenko) – Referral Link

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