Dew Drop – November 24, 2021 (#3566)

Top Links

A .NET 5.0 Guide: From Idea To NuGet Package (Khalid Abuhakmeh)

RunAs Radio – Windows 11 is Released with Mary Jo Foley (Richard Campbell)

Tackling TypeScript – The Essentials of TypeScript (Axel Rauschmayer)

How To Build a Recursive Side Menu in React (Thomas Findlay)

Call for Speakers – .NET Virtual Conference 2022 (Jan 24-26) (C# Corner)

Web & Cloud Development

Azure Tips & Tricks – Tip 343 – How to get started with Azure Arc – Part 1 and Public preview refresh: Azure IoT Central REST API new and updated endpoints (Azure Team)

Using Microsoft Hosted Agents in Azure Pipelines for Automated Test Execution (Miroslav Shtilianov)

Dependency Injection Lifetimes in ASP.NET Core (Muhammed Saleem)

Ignite UI for Angular 13.0.0 Release (Radoslav Mirchev)

ASP.NET Web API: Benefits and Why to Choose It (Rahul Panchal)

Serverless Functions with C#, Azure and AWS (Taavi Rehemägi)

State Management in Angular Using NgRx: Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (William Juan)

Microservices — The Letter and the Spirit (Alaa Tadmori)

Multi-tenant SaaS: Where to Start? (Matthieu Robin)

WebPageTest Private Instance: 2021 Edition (Robin Osborne)


Cannot edit WindowsApps Folder and Installed UWP Files (Jason Gaylord)

Free eBook: Uno Platform Succinctly (Ed Freitas)

Visual Studio & .NET

Everything That Every .NET Developer Needs to Know About Disposable Types: Using Tools to Find Issues (David McCarter)

C++ build throughput investigation and tune up (Olga Arkhipova)

.Net 7.0.100 Alpha now available for download (TheSharpestNinja)

C# 10 Record Structs (Joe Mayo)

Design, Methodology & Testing

How to Design Beyond Default UI Patterns for a Rich UX (Anthony)

5 DevOps platform benefits that inspire GitLab users to become GitLab advocates (Omar Fernandez)

The Checklist – A simple tool to help developers work on complex systems. (Eric Potter)

Advanced Installer 18.9 (Advanced Installer Team)

Improve your development workflow with Interactive Canvas DevTools (Nick Felker)

Leadership Tip 16: Decide When to Choose Power-With or Power-Over (Johanna Rothman)

Discover Your Most Productive Hours With The Biological Prime Time Method (Kat Boogaard)

How to squash bugs by enrolling in OSS-Fuzz (Kevin Backhouse)

The Ultimate Guide to Automation Testing (Rahul Bhatt)

Secure deployments with OpenID Connect & GitHub Actions now generally available (Usha Narayanabhatta)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Microsoft Cloud Show Episode 436 | Azure Functions CI & CD (Andrew Connell & Chris Johnson)

Asp.Net Monsters #232 – PeriodicTimer in .NET 6 (James Chambers, Simon Timms & David Paquette)

FreeCodeSession – Episode 318 (Jason Bock)

Microsoft 365 Dev Podcast – Microsoft News – November 2021 (Jeremy Thake & Paul Schaeflein)

Talk Python to Me #342: Python in Architecture (as in actual buildings) (Michael Kennedy)

Integration Testing – The Why and How – Adventures in .NET 096 (Shawn Clabough & Wai Liu)

Pair Programming with OhMyPosh’s Jan De Dobbeleer – Together we code a Nightscout segment in Go! (Scott Hanselman)

Community & Events

Splunker Stories: Kim Pisano (Shreya Iyer)

Built to Last: Naomi Dennis Develops a Brighter Future through Software (8th Light Team)

Add It Up: Takeaways from GitHub’s Octoverse Report (Lawrence E Hecht)

Frequently asked questions for getting started in the 2022 Imagine Cup (MS Student Developer Team)

Making Tech Accessible For Disabled And Nondisabled People In Conversation With Haben Girma And Rachel Arfa (Brenda D. Wilkerson)


RavenDB 5.3 New Features: TCP Compression (Oren Eini)

Skirmishes with automated deployment of Azure Data Factory (Kamil Nowinski)

NOLOCK Is Bad And You Probably Shouldn’t Use It. (Brent Ozar)


HOWTO: Add/Remove Win32 & UWP Programs in Start-Up on Windows 11 (Kurt Shintaku)

Arm architectures step up the battle for Windows (Ross Rubin)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3360 (Chris Alcock)

Daily Links 24 Nov 2021 (Malcolm Jack)

The Wolf Report – November 24th, 2021 (Michael Wolfenden)

The Geek Shelf

 React for Real: Front-End Code, Untangled (Ludovico Fischer) – Referral Link

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