Dew Drop – November 5, 2021 (#3553)

Top Links

Introducing the .NET Tech Community Forums (James Montemagno)

Why Evolve to .NET MAUI? (Sam Basu)

Visual Studio Code October 2021 (VS Code Team)

OneAPI/L0, OpenVINO and OpenCL coming to the Windows Subsystem for Linux for Intel GPUs (Steve Pronovost)

What’s New in C# 10? | One Dev Question (Kathleen Dollard)

Web & Cloud Development

Getting Started With jQuery – Advanced Ajax (Ian Elliot)

Build and Debug ASP.NET MVC 5 Framework Web Application 4.x in VS Code (Johan Danforth)

Microsoft Publishes New Documentation for Blazor, ASP.NET Core (David Ramel)

What’s New in Angular 13 (Alyssa Nicoll)

Introducing Svelte, and Comparing Svelte with React and Vue (Chris Coyier)

WebStorm 2021.3 Beta (Ekaterina Ryabukha)

GraphQL On The Front-End (React and Apollo) (David Atanda)

Implementing a Sidecar Pattern Without Kubernetes (Paul Michaels)

Pulumi Recommended Patterns: The basics (Aurélien Requiem)

Sendinblue Launches Email API (ProgrammableWeb)

GoLand 2021.3 Goes Beta! (Sergey Kozlovskiy)


Xamarin.iOS – How to save Device Token as NSData type (Almir Vuk)

Consolonia UI – TUI (Text User Interface) (GUI Framework) implementation for Avalonia UI (Evgeny Gorbovoy & Wieslaw Šoltés)

Visual Studio & .NET

A quick review of C# 10 new language features (Thomas Levesque)

Caller Argument Expressions – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 (Matthias Koch)

Using The Roslyn C# Compiler (Munib Butt)

Discovering new C# String Pattern Matching Features (Rick Strahl)

Breaking changes in .NET 6 (Note: This article is a work-in-progress) (.NET Team)

String Performance: Combining Strings with the StringBuilder (David McCarter)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Creating an Agile Transformation Roadmap (Brian Cottmeyer)

How to set up your Sketch Workspace for teams — the definitive guide (Sketch Team)

Trustworthiness is a feature (Eric Sink)

Parameterized Tests In xUnit WebDriver Part 4 (Anton Angelov)

How Mob Programming Collective Habits Can be the Soil for Growing Technical Quality (Ben Linders)

10 GitHub Actions resources to bookmark from the basics to CI/CD (Brian Douglas)

How To Improve UX With Sketching (Nancy Young)

Are Canary Releases an Alternative to Testers? (Vaishali Desarda)

The Future Of Work Is Asynchronous—And These Companies Are Leading The Way (Amy Rigby)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Microsoft finally brings Android apps to Windows 11 Dev Channel Insiders (Arif Bacchus)

The Raspberry Pi Build HAT and LEGO® components at our CoderDojo (Mark Calleja)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

CppCast – Visual Studio 2022 with Sy Brand (Rob Irving)

.NET Core Podcast – Real-World Blazor with Steve Peirce (Jamie Taylor)

The Stack Overflow Podcast 390: Web3 won’t save us (Ben Popper)

Smashing Podcast Episode 43 With Matthew Phillips: What Is Astro? (Drew McLellan)

Hanselminutes – Climbing high while staying grounded with Annyce Davis (Scott Hanselman)

Software Engineering Daily – Angular Dev Tools with Minko Gechev (Jeff Meyerson)

Get Those Good Reviews for Your Xamarin App with Store Review Plugin (Gerald Versluis)

Reusable Controls and Data Template Selectors in Xamarin.Forms & .NET MAUI (James Montemagno)

How VS Code Can Keep You From Making Coding Mistakes in Angular – Adventures in Angular 331 (Charles Max Wood)

How can I make my Blazor WebAssembly apps run fast? | One Dev Question (Daniel Roth)

Yet Another Podcast – Visual Studio 2022!! (with Mads Kristensen) (Jesse Liberty)

Introduction to SQL Server 2022 (Ep.1) | Data Exposed (Anna Hoffman & Bob Ward)

DAWbench Radio Show Episode 13 : The Art of Analog Modeling : Softube : Tubes & Transistors to Digital Artistry ! (Vin Curigliano & Pete Brown)

Rocket 358: Anna Delvey’s Crypto Corner (Christina Warren, Brianna Wu & Simone De Rochefort)

Who is using .NET? | One Dev Question (Immo Landwerth)

Talk Python to Me #339: Making Python Faster with Guido and Mark (Michael Kennedy)

UX Podcast #275 – VR in Healthcare with Almira Osmanovic Thunström (James Royal-Lawson & Per Axbom)

Community & Events

Addressing the Rumors that I Have Been Removed from the MVP Program (Kendra Little)

GitHub Announces Improvements At Universe 2021 (Kay Ewbank)

Microsoft Ignite 2021 now all up for bingeing! (Steve Litchfield)

Saying goodbye to The .NET Stacks (Dave Brock)

Auth0 Announces the Winners of the Actions Hackathon (Ed Armstrong)

How Two Interns Are Helping Secure Millions of Lines of Code (Gregg Horton)

Datadog Acquires Ozcode (Omer Raviv)

What to Expect at .NET Conf 2021 (Caitlyn Depp)

Join the Online Event: TeamCity – 15 Years of CI (Yegor Naumov)


Time zones in SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL (Andrea Gnemmi)

SharePoint & MS Teams

[Released] v5.0 Beta branch with SharePoint Server Subscription Edition support (Yorick Kuijs)


#PowershellBasics: Select the columns in the output. (Kenneth Fisher)


Releasing Windows 11 KB5008295 to Beta and Release Preview Channels (Brandon LeBlanc)

Windows 11 Build 22494 adds a new mute/unmute feature to Taskbar (Kunal Chowdhury)

Previewing Citations in Microsoft Edge (Microsoft Edge Team)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3347 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-11-05 (Dan Rigby)

Collective #686 (Mary Lou)

The Wolf Report – November 5th, 2021 (Michael Wolfenden)

Code Maze Weekly #100 (Vladimir Pecanac)

The Geek Shelf

 C# 10 and .NET 6 – Modern Cross-Platform Development: Build apps, websites, and services with ASP.NET Core 6, Blazor, and EF Core 6 using Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio Code, 6th Ed (Mark J. Price) – Referral Link

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