Dew Drop – October 1, 2021 (#3528)

Top Links

Train your model with ML.NET (Quinn Radich)

Announcing The New Exceptionless JavaScript Client (Eric J. Smith)

Hanselminutes – Teach Little Hackers to Code Without a Computer with Brandon Tory (Scott Hanselman)

Domain-Driven Refactoring: Encapsulating Collections (Jimmy Bogard)

Web & Cloud Development

What’s new in Svelte: October 2021 (Daniel Sandoval)

Azure Sphere SDK compatibility with Windows 11 (Azure Sphere Team)

WebStorm 2021.3 EAP #2: New Bookmarks Tool Window (Ekaterina Ryabukha)

Announcing the Pulumi AWS Native Provider (Luke Hoban)

Now — AWS Step Functions Supports 200 AWS Services To Enable Easier Workflow Automation (Marcia Villalba)

JavaScript Test Automation Frameworks (Melissa Habit)

Helpful Cluster API commands for Devs (James Sturtevant)

Session Clustering for OAuth 2.0 Applications (Brian Demers)

GoLand 2021.3 EAP Build #2 Is Out! (Sergey Kozlovskiy)


Xamarin.Forms – ContentView Lifecycle (Delpin Susai Raj)

How to Create CommandBinding in a WPF Datagrid (Greg Lutz)

Introducing the First Set of Syncfusion .NET MAUI Controls (Selva Ganapathy Kathiresan)

The Latest Sweetness in RadRichTextBox for WPF: Mentions or Automatic Suggestions (Tanya Dimitrova)

Visual Studio & .NET

C# 10.0: Global Using Directives – Make Important Namespaces Available in Your Whole Project (Thomas Claudius Huber)

Confirmations in User Interfaces: Explicit vs. Implicit (Roland Weigelt)

Moving to JetBrains Account For Trials of IDEs and .NET Tools (Roman Prokashev)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI-CD) with Azure DevOps (Milan Milanović)

Git for Professionals (Beau Carnes)

Discovering YouTrack: Workflows (Anastasia Bartasheva)

ALWAYS Valid Domain Model (Derek Comartin)

Testing is not a popularity contest (Devyani Borade)

Associate Users With Events To Track Event Impact (Eric J. Smith)

Enterprise managed users are now generally available for GitHub Enterprise Cloud (Jarryd McCree)

Supernova: a design system platform (Mariam Hasnany)

Exploring solutions for our future of hybrid work (MS Partner Network Team)

Creating the Perfect Commit in Git (Tobias Günther)

Want faster releases? Your answer lies in automated software testing (Valerie Silverthorne)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

The Best Way to Learn Arduino for Beginners (Amy Shah)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

CppCast – Joedb with Remi Coulom (Rob Irving)

The Stack Overflow Podcast 380: It’s 2FA’s world, we’re just living in it. (Ben Popper)

Software Engineering Daily – Git Scales for Monorepos with Derrick Stolee (Jeff Meyerson)

How to find the right Azure SQL SKU for your SQL workloads | Data Exposed (Anna Hoffman, Alexandra Ciortea, Raymond Truong & Wenjing Wang)

Open Source and DevSecOps ft. Will Kelly – Adventures in DevOps 087 (Charles Max Wood & Will Button)

Achieve Operational Excellence With Azure Well-Architected Framework | Azure Enablement Show (David Blank-Edelman & Kunal Babre)

TypeScript Mixins – Adventures in Angular 327 (Armen Vardanyan & Charles Max Wood)

Rocket 353: Dan Moren Saves the Universe (Christina Warren, Brianna Wu & Simone De Rochefort)

The MongoDB Podcast Episode 80 – Exploring Prisma with Daniel Norman (Michael Lynn & Nic Raboy)

Windows Weekly 744: Candy Bar Cereal (Paul Thurrott)

Community & Events

You’re invited to the Google Smart Home Developer Summit (Toni Klopfenstein)

October Technology Events (Jason Gaylord)

The World Wide Web Consortium at 27: a guiding star for the future of the web (Amy van der Hiel)

Get Inspired by Nike Employees’ Tips for Thriving as a Woman in STEM (jpotyraj)

Check out the Stack Exchange sites that turned 10 years old in Q3 (Juan M)

Why students should get involved in open source (Lee Stott)

Living in an autism bubble in an ever-changing world. (Peter Rising)


Snowflake – Query Result from Cache or Disk (Pinal Dave)


Enable/disable transparency effects in Windows 11 (Kapil Arya)

Autoruns v14.03 (Alex Mihaiuc)

Windows 11: Microsoft is fixing more key bugs ahead of October 5 release (Liam Tung)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3323 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-10-01 (Dan Rigby)

DevOps Links for 30/9/2021 (Mitul Suthar)

Weekly Xamarin – Issue 322 – 1st Oct 2021 (Kym Phillpotts)

Collective #681 (Mary Lou)

The Geek Shelf

 When They Win, You Win: Being a Great Manager Is Simpler Than You Think (Russ Laraway) – Referral Link

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