Dew Drop – October 14, 2021 (#3537)

Top Links

KubeCon North America 2021: Kubernetes on Azure and open source updates (Brendan Burns)

Update on our new AWS .NET Deployment Experience (Norm Johanson)

.NET Rocks! – C# 10 with Mads Torgersen (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)

ReSharper 2021.2.2 and Rider 2021.2.2 bug fixes have landed (Asia Rudenko)

Learn to write Visual Studio extensions (Mads Kristensen)

Web & Cloud Development

Migrating our trusty ol’ .NET Framework applications to AWS, I couldn’t believe it! (François Bouteruche)

Azure Machine Learning announcements – Oct 2021 public preview capabilities and Azure SQL—Public preview updates for October 2021 and Public preview: AKS support for Kubernetes 1.22 and Azure Maps iOS SDK is now in public preview and Azure Tips & Tricks – Tip 337 – How to run Cognitive Service Text Analytics for Health in a Web App for Containers (Azure Team)

Azure SDK Release (October 2021) (Azure SDK Team)

Less Absolute Positioning With Modern CSS (Chris Coyier)

Taking a Look at startTransition in React 18 (Kathryn Grayson Nanz)

How to Secure Kubernetes, the OS of the Cloud (Loris Degioanni)

Get Your Head Together With Blazor’s New HeadContent and PageTitle (Niels Swimberghe)

React-Hooks: What is The Difference Between useCallback And useMemo? (Sahil Sachdeva)

ESLint v8.0.1 released (ESLint Team)

Mini book: The InfoQ eMag: Operating Microservices (InfoQ Team)

V8 release v9.6 (Ingvar Stepanyan)

How To Build GitHub Activity Dashboard With Open-Source (John Lafleur)


Tips and Ticks when creating a Custom Control in Xamarin Forms. Part. 2 (Charlin Agramonte)

Visual Studio & .NET

The Problem with C# 10 Implicit Usings (Muhammad Rehan Saeed)

Hot Reload in .NET 6 – An Overview (Mohamed Yasir Kader Sha)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Art of Agile Development Discord Server (James Shore)

Why solve a problem twice? Design patterns let you apply existing solutions to your code (Giridhar Talla)

How we use telemetry to improve Octopus Deploy (Terence Wong)

Get Started With Cross-Browser Testing (Dennis Martinez)

Leadership Tip 14: Reduce Other People’s Dependence on Your Decisions (Johanna Rothman)

TeamCity 2021.2 RC is here (Maria Kudryavtseva)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Swift-DocC is Now Open Source (Franklin Schrans)

Windows Holographic version 21H2 is now available for HoloLens 2 headsets (Rabia Noureen)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Syntax Podcast – A Podcast on Running a Podcast (Wes Bos)

GCast 116: Azure Active Directory B2C Token Generation With No User Interaction (David Giard)

Working Code Podcast – Episode 044: Facebook’s No Good Very Bad Week (Ben Nadel)

Asp.Net Monsters #226 – Building GitHub Actions in C# (James Chambers, Simon Timms & David Paquette)

PPP 340 | Why You Should 80-20 Everything, with Perry Marshall (Andy Kaufman)

The Google Cloud Security Podcast – NEXT Special – Google Cybersecurity Action Team: What’s the Story? (Anton A. Chuvakin)

Design Details 415: News Desk, Vol. 3 (Brian Lovin & Marshall Bock)

Web Rush Episode 155: Building a Technology Radar with Maria Korneeva (John Papa, Ward Bell, Dan Wahlin & Craig Shoemaker)

Welcome to the Imagine Cup! (Pablo Veramendi, Morgan Bell & Seth Juarez)

Microsoft Cloud for Health Overview & Human Centered Design (Shelly Avery, Vasu Sharma & Josh Thompson)

The MongoDB Podcast #82 – Serverless with Chris Shum (Michael Lynn & Nic Raboy)

Community & Events

Pluralsight LIVE 2021 Week 1 recap: Stronger together (Pluralsight)

Reconnect Series: John F. Holliday (Jeffrey Raymond Kitt)

Surprise: There are Many Windows 11 Sessions at Ignite (Paul Thurrott)

10 reasons you can’t miss SIGNAL (Sara Varni)


SQL Server meta-development (with regular expressions and more) (Jen McCown)

SQL SERVER – Renaming distributor_admin Bad Idea (Pinal Dave)

SharePoint & MS Teams

Microsoft Teams Desktop Client Gets Quoted Reply Feature for Chat (Russell Smith)


Next time, we can close the vaccine gap much faster (Bill Gates)

Blog Archive Online (Rocky Lhotka)

Autoruns v14.05 (Alex Mihaiuc)

PowerToys 0.47.1 is now available with minor fixes and quality of life improvements (Rabia Noureen)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3332 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-10-14 (Dan Rigby)

The Geek Shelf

 Purely Functional Data Structures (Chris Okasaki) – Referral Link

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