Dew Drop – October 25, 2021 (#3544)

Top Links

Goodbye Android Emulators, the Windows Subsystem for Android is Here! (James Montemagno)

Unhandled Exception Podcast – Visual Studio 2022 – with Kendra Havens (Dan Clarke)

Mads Torgersen on C# 10 and .NET 6 – Azure DevOps Podcast Episode 164 (Jeffrey Palermo)

.NET Hot Reload Support via CLI (Scott Hunter)

Web & Cloud Development

A Quick Guide to Angular and GraphQL (Holger Schmitz)

Warning Users About The Windows Explorer Zip Archive Preview In JavaScript (Ben Nadel)

The Process of Building a CSS Framework (Claudia Romano)

Create and issue verifiable credentials in ASP.NET Core using Azure AD (Damien Bowden)

Govern multi-cloud sources with Azure Purview (Oded Bergman)

Command Line trash (David Walsh)

Beginner’s Guide to Docker – Part 3 – Debugging a Docker Build (Continued) (Paul Michaels)

TIL: How to use GraphQL variables to give my queries type safety (Salma Alam-Naylor)

A Demo On Hot Chocolate GraphQL Integration In Asp.Net Core Application Using Dapper Micro ORM (Naveen Bommidi)

ESLint v8.1.0 released (ESLint Team)

Using Postman Visualizer as a Data Editor (Kin Lane)


Series: Exploring MAUI APP Builder in .NET 6 and Looking inside MauiAppBuilder in .NET 6 (Luis Matos)

Mask It to Perfection With WinUI in Action (Viktoria Grozdancheva)

Build a UWP Document Scanning App in WebView Context (Lihang Xu)

Animated Splash Screen with Magic Gradients (Bohdan Benetskyi)

Visual Studio & .NET

Collection Performance: Checking for Items in a Collection and Collection Performance: Looping Over Other Collection Types and Collection Performance: Sorting Collections (David McCarter)

Google Sheets API with .NET Core (Muhammed Saleem)

Using Huggingface Transformers with ML.NET (Nikola M. Zivkovic)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Adopting Business Process with Azure DevOps to Fast-Track Digital Transformation (Abhijit Jana)

Configure Azure DevOps to distribute your Android application to Google Play (Damien Aicheh)

VFS Files Management (Bogdan Mitrache)

Using Trello To Close The (Virtual) Distance Between Global Offices (Evan LePage)

GitHub Actions for security and compliance (Philip Holleran)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

How To Build A Real-Time Multi-User Game From Scratch (Martin Grubinger)

New e-book: The mobile gaming trends you need to know for 2022 and beyond (Sam Osborn)

Quick and dirty fix for broken Button Icon Set Editor in MRTK 2.7.2 (Joost van Schaik)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Technology & Friends – Guy Royse on Probabilistic Data Structures (David Giard)

Merge Conflict 277: MacBook Pro & Pixel 6 Event Recaps (James Montemagno)

GeekWire Podcast: Tech pay, cloud trends, Kraken, and self-driving cars, with Qumulo CEO Bill Richter (Todd Bishop)

Deploying applications with Cloud Native Services with Donovan Brown and Steven Murawski (Jay Gordon)

Govern your data wherever it resides with Azure Purview | Azure Friday (Scott Hanselman)

OnPodcast Episode 53: Demo of sideloaded Android apps on Windows 11 & more (Arif Bacchus & Kareem Anderson)

.NET MAUI Preview 9 – Borders, Corners, and Shadows – Oh my! (James Montemagno)

InfoQ Podcast: Creativity and Idea Generation in Remote Teams (Will Burns)

The Work Item #40 – Engineering and Team Empathy, with Amro Mousa (Den Delimarsky)

Coding Blocks Podcast – The 2021 Shopping Spree (Allen Underwood, Michael Outlaw & Joe Zack)

Codepunk 063 – Proximity in Virtual Reality (Bill Ahern & Michael Szul)

The Amp Hour #563 – Grumpy Collaboration (Dave Jones & Chris Gammell)

FreeCodeSession – Episode 309 (Jason Bock)

Serverless Chats Episode #116: Infinite Serverless Workflows with Sam Dengler and Justin Callison (Jeremy Daly & Rebecca Marshburn)

UI Breakfast – BDTP. Business Automation with Jimmy Rose (Jane Portman)

AI Show Live | Building computer vision models using AutoML for Images | Episode 35 | AI Show (Seth Juarez & Swati Gharse)

Azure Podcast Episode 399 – Chain of blocks evolution (Sujit D’Mello)

Community & Events

IoT at Microsoft Ignite (Olivier Bloch)

Can we trust Microsoft with Open Source? (Dustin Moris Gorski)

Introducing the Kotlin Mascot! (Alina Grebenkina)

How 3 makers, 2 devs and a princess came together to save kittens for a hackathon (Luise Freese)

Women IC engineer mentoring ring (Maoni Stephens)

13th Anniversary of Small Basic (Nonki Takahashi)

The Journey to Microsoft: Application to Hiring (Richard Hay)

Microsoft reverses controversial .NET change after open source community outcry (Tom Warren)

.NET Virtual Conference 2022 – Call for Speakers (C# Corner)


Kickstart Innovation With Oracle Database 21c (Paul Guerin)

How to copy an Azure SQL Database to a different server or subscription using Azure Automation (Mohammad Belbaisi)

SQL SERVER – Last Used Stored Procedure (Pinal Dave)

SharePoint & MS Teams

CLI for Microsoft 365 v4.1 (Garry Trinder)


Microsoft PowerShell 7.2.0 RC1 released for testing (Kunal Chowdhury)


How to Use RLS Roles and Filter Expressions for Dynamic User-Based Visibility in Power BI? (Monika Sangwan)

Sounds like the Halo Needler is finally getting the Nerf blaster it deserves (Sean Hollister)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3339 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-10-25 (Dan Rigby)

C# Digest Issue #386 (Jakub Chodounsky)

F# Weekly #43, 2021 – 9 years of F# Weekly, #FsAdvent 2021, F# eXchange 2021, F# 6.0 and Hot Reload drama (Sergey Tihon)

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.10.22 (Jay Gordon)

Weekly Xamarin – Issue 325 – 25th Oct 2021 (Kym Phillpotts)

Code Maze Weekly #98 (Vladimir Pecanac)

The Overflow #96: A database built for a firehose (Ryan Donovan & Cassidy Williams)

The .NET Stacks #67: .NET 6 RC2 arrives (Dave Brock)

Friday Five: Ignite ‘21, Defender For Endpoint, More! (Jeffrey Raymond Kitt)

The Wolf Report – October 25th, 2021 (Michael Wolfenden)

The Geek Shelf

 Python Microservices Development: Build efficient and lightweight microservices using the Python tooling ecosystem, 2nd Ed (Simon Fraser & Tarek Ziadé) – Referral Link

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