Dew Drop – October 26, 2021 (#3545)

Top Links

Parallel.ForEachAsync in .NET 6 (Scott Hanselman)

Hot Reload for .NET 6 in Rider 2021.3 (Khalid Abuhakmeh)

The Fifth Annual C# Advent (Matthew Groves)

Immutable C# (Sam Williams)

5x Lessons Learned from Migrating a Large Legacy to .NET 5/6 (Patrick Smacchia)

Web & Cloud Development

Performing CRUD Operations Using Google Firebase and Blazor [Webinar Show Notes] (Carter Harris)

Deploying a JavaScript library project with Octopus (Lee Meyer)

JavaScript Forecast: What’s Ahead for ECMAScript 2022? (Mary Branscombe)

A Demo On Request Logging Using MediatR IPipelineBehavior In Asp.Net Core Application (Naveen Bommidi)

Angular Basics: Data Binding Part 8—Two-Way Data Binding (Nwose Lotanna Victor)

State Management In Angular Using NgRx (Shervin Cyril)

Node.js makes fullstack programming easy with server-side JavaScript (Theodoros Karasavvas)

Announcing the Azure Identity 2.0 client library and plugin packages for JavaScript (Will Temple)

NestJS Application Using CQRS Design Pattern (Naveen Bommidi)

Don’t Create PDFs – Except You Need Them (Bjoern Meyer)

100 Days of TypeScript (Day 1) (Peter O’Hanlon)

Visual Studio & .NET

Announcing PostSharp 6.10 Preview: Support for .NET 6.0, Visual Studio 2022, and C# 10 (Gael Fraiteur)

Dev Tips – Multiple Versions Of Visual Studio Can Be Installed Side By Side (Adam Storr)

Making Sense of Common C# Compiler Errors (Matt Eland)

Introducing an async pipeline in C# (Steve Fenton)

Collection Performance: Sorting the Record Type (David McCarter)

A very brief introduction to patterns for implementing a COM object that hands out references to itself (Raymond Chen)

Moq vs NSubstitute: syntax cheat sheet (Davide Bellone)

Bite-Size .NET 6 – PriorityQueue<T, N> (Matthew Jones)

3 new free tools for .NET developers (Thomas Ardal)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Agile Book Club: What Is Agile? (James Shore)

TeamCity 2021.2: Two-factor Authentication; Improved Integrations with Perforce Products, JetBrains Space, and Azure DevOps; a New Cross-Platform C# Script Runner; and Updates to the Sakura UI (Alexander Rassokhin)

Alerting has landed: Never miss another mission-critical issue again (Jamie Birss)

Tip: How to CI/CD .NET Open Source library with GitHub Actions (Bnaya Eshet)

Retrace vs Microsoft Application Insights – 14 Reasons to Choose Retrace (Matt Watson)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Courier — A Realtime Lightweight Messaging Highway in iOS with MQTT (Alfian Losari)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Syntax Podcast – Hasty Treat – Hasty Horror Stories (Wes Bos)

InfoQ Podcast: Microsoft’s Asim Hussain on Designing Software for Sustainability and the Green Software Foundation (Asim Hussain)

Revision Path – Dawn Okoro (Maurice Cherry)

The Stack Overflow Podcast 387: The first ten years of our programming lives (Ryan Donovan)

Microsoft 365 Dev Podcast – Exporting Content Using the Teams Export API with Yaron Hezroni (Jeremy Thake & Paul Schaeflein)

Google Cloud Security Podcast Episode 40 – 2021: Phishing is Solved? (Anton A. Chuvakin)

The 6 Figure Developer Episode 217 – The Senior Mindset with Swizec Teller (John Callaway)

Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly – Episode 140 – Simon Ågren (Advania) (Vesa Juvonen & Waldek Mastykarz)

Women in Technology Podcast – Women Who Rise! (Amber Hart)

Community & Events

Docker Captain Take 5 – Aurélie Vache (Eva Bojorges)

Syncfusion Sponsors .NET Conf 2021 (Marissa Keller Outten)

Meet a recent Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador graduate: Alexandru Petrescu and 7 reasons to enter the 2022 Imagine Cup (MS Student Developer Team)

The Journey to Microsoft: Hired to First Day (Richard Hay)


How to Rebuild the SQL Server Tempdb Database (Sergey Gigoyan)

Introduction to SQL Server sequence objects (Greg Larsen)

SQL Server – Empty Database Authentication Cache with DBCC FLUSHAUTHCACHE (Pinal Dave)

Options to Perform backup of Azure SQL Database – Part 1 (Mohammed Moinudheen)

Your Guide to Syncing Data between Couchbase and Relational Databases with GlueSync (David Elliott)


How to use the Secret modules (Thomas Lee)


Technical Interviews Still Suck (Michael Szul)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3340 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-10-26 (Dan Rigby)

Sands of MAUI: Issue #30 (Sam Basu)

[Last Week in .NET #65] – Let’s Skip To the Part Where You Don’t Do this Again (George Stocker)

Azure SQL Awesome List (Davide Mauri)

The Wolf Report – October 26th, 2021 (Michael Wolfenden)

The Geek Shelf

 Learn WinUI 3.0: Leverage the power of WinUI, the future of native Windows application development (Alvin Ashcraft) – Referral Link

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