Dew Drop – October 29, 2021 (#3548)

Top Links

Developer Perspectives Episode 7 | Kayla Cinnamon and Hayden Barnes (Windows Developer Team)

Panos Panay and more: What’s up with Windows at Microsoft Ignite Nov. 2-4 (Steve Clarke)

“Hello Raspberry Pi” Launching Uno Platform Application Directly on the Pi (Uno Platform Team)

Edge DevTools for Visual Studio Code 1.4.0 – Improved Screencasting, Device Emulation and live, inline issue reporting (Chris Heilmann)

Surface at Microsoft Ignite: November 2021 (Frank Buchholz)

Web & Cloud Development

How To Build An Amazon Product Scraper With Node.js (Robert Sfichi)

Binary Data Transfer on Azure Functions via OpenAPI (Justin Yoo)

Azure Service Fabric 8.1 Third Refresh Update (3.1) Release and Azure Service Fabric 8.2 Release (Service Fabric Team)

How To Deploy a React App With Vercel and GitHub—A Step-by-Step Guide (Thomas Findlay)

How to implement Swagger with Authorization (Andrew Hinkle)

Invoice Deployment Strategies: Building an Invoice Portal (Bjoern Meyer)

100 days of TypeScript (Day 3) (Peter O’Hanlon)


Windows App SDK Preview 3 Supports Non-MSIX WinUI 3 App Deployment (David Ramel)

Visual Studio & .NET

Make the error useful, and save the support call (Oren Eini)

VS 2022 for Mac Supports .NET 6 RC2 on Intel-based Macs (but Not M1 ARM64) (David Ramel)

Sorting large CSV files by multiple columns using C# (Josef Ottosson)

File-Scoped Namespaces – A Look at New Language Features in C# 10 (Matthias Koch)

Collection Performance: Looping Over Reference Type vs. Value Type and Collection Performance: Adding Items to a Collection and Everything That Every .NET Developer Needs to Know About Disposable Types: Properly Implementing the IDisposable Interface (David McCarter)

Giving a single object multiple COM identities, part 3 (Raymond Chen)

Design, Methodology & Testing

How To Write An Effective Project Plan In 6 Simple Steps (Deanna deBara)

Navigating The “Great Resignation”: How To Retain Employees When No One Else Can (Lydia Durkovic)

The Rise of Event-Driven Architecture (Matthew O’Riordan)

Zero Trust Security and the Software Development Lifecycle (Pavan Belagatti)

7 Best Prototyping Tools for UI/UX Designers in 2021 (Stefan Ivanov)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

How to create a movie details app using Flutter: part 1 (Anoob Bava)

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is a tiny powerhouse, available now at just $15 (Dave W. Shanahan)

Introducing Swift Distributed Actors (Konrad ‘ktoso’ Malawski)

13 short and scary games plus source to play (or hack) this Halloween (Lee Reilly)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

CppCast – C++23 ISO Progress with Bryce Adelstein Lelbach (Rob Irving)

The Stack Overflow Podcast 388: Software for your second brain (Ryan Donovan)

Hanselminutes – Dr. Jelani Nelson – in partnership with ACM Bytecast (Scott Hanselman)

Using TypeConverter with Xamarin.Forms for Better Custom Controls (Gerald Versluis)

Working Code Podcast – Episode 046: Secret Management vs. Premature Optimization (Ben Nadel)

What is exciting in Flexible Server for PostgreSQL on Azure | Data Exposed (Anna Hoffman & Sunil Agarwal)

Azure Podcast Episode 400 – A view from Azure’s Core (Sujit D’Mello)

React Native Radio 216 –  Creating “React Native as a Service” at DraftBit with Peter Piekarczyk (Jamon Holmgren & Mazen Chami)

MidDay Café Episode 25 – Teams Encryption Microsoft Viva and More (Mike Gannotti)

How to Get Started with DevOps – Adventures in DevOps 091 (Jonathan Hall & Will Button)

Rocket 357: Facebook Papers (Christina Warren, Brianna Wu & Simone De Rochefort)

Web Rush Episode 157: Building StackBlitz with Eric Simmons (John Papa, Ward Bell, Dan Wahlin & Craig Shoemaker)

Microsoft Mechanics – Manage All Your Surface Devices in a Single Portal – Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Jeremy Chapman)

Tech News: .NET 6, Windows 11 released, GitHub Advisory Databases, and MacBook Pro 2021 (SSW TV)

Community & Events

Understanding the 2021 State of Open Source Report (Michael Coté)

Data Engineers of Netflix — Interview with Pallavi Phadnis (Netflix Technology Team)

The Top Places to View Holiday Lights in Philadelphia for 2021 (Visit Philly)

Getting To Know Will Johnson, Developer Advocate @ Auth0 (Will Johnson)


SQL SERVER – List All Available TimeZone (Pinal Dave)

Goodbye Microsoft SQL Server, Hello Babelfish (Sébastien Stormacq)

Learning SQL CROSS JOIN with Examples (Jim Evans)

SharePoint & MS Teams

CRUD Operations on a SharePoint List using Python (Nai Biao Zhou)

What’s New in Microsoft Teams for Education | October 2021 (Abby Schilbach)

Preview of Feedback for Microsoft Teams now available (Alex Olsen)

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | October 2021 (Microsoft Teams Team)


PowerShell for the SQL Server DBA – Environment Setup (Alejandro Cobar)

Cloud Service (extended support) management via PowerShell (Yi Yang)


Surface Duo 2 most powerful Android phone according to latest Geekbench chart (Arif Bacchus)

Mark Zuckerberg on why Facebook is rebranding to Meta (Alex Heath)

Facebook’s new name will be Meta (Kim Lyons)

Microsoft Edge features help give you the most out of Microsoft 365 to reduce the pain of context switching (Sean Lyndersay & Deb Dubrow)

Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.49 with new mouse utility and UI updates (Sofia Wyciślik-Wilson)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3342 and The Morning Brew #3343 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-10-28 and .NET App Developer Links – 2021-10-29 (Dan Rigby)

Collective #685 (Mary Lou)

The Geek Shelf

 The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Tara Bennett & Paul Terry) – Referral Link

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