Dew Drop – October 5, 2021 (#3530)

Top Links

Windows 11: A new era for the PC begins today (Panos Panay)

11 things to know about the new Microsoft Store on Windows 11 (Giorgio Sardo)

How to get Windows 11 (John Cable)

Announcing TypeScript 4.5 Beta (Daniel Rosenwasser)

Developing for Windows 11 (Kevin Gallo)

Web & Cloud Development

Learn How to Build a Single-Page App with Vue and Spring Boot (Andrew Hughes)

A Brief Guide to Using Sass/SCSS in an Angular App (Alexey Shepelev)

TX Text Control Angular Packages Compatible with Angular 12 (Bjoern Meyer)

Quickly Testing CSS Fallbacks (Chris Coyier)

Creating 3D Characters in Three.js (Michelle Barker)

Delaying JavaScript Execution Until HTML Elements are Present in Power Apps and Dynamics CRM (Niels Swimberghe)

Angular Basics: Data Binding Part 5—Style Binding (Nwose Lotanna Victor)

Secure a web app architecture with Azure confidential computing (Raki Rahman)

Why You Should Be Using React.js for Web Apps/Development (Romaana Aamir)

Multi-cloud Kubernetes with Octopus Deploy (Shawn Sesna)

New Microsoft Learn courses for Azure Migrate App Containerization (Vinicius Apolinario)

Dev Tips – Launching Urls in Different Browsers with Browser Launcher (Adam Storr)

Introducing VMware Tanzu Community Edition (Amanda Katona)

Blazorise v0.9.4 – patch 5 release notes (Mladen Macanović)

Ohm v16 (Patrick Dubroy)

Web3 Architecture and How It Compares to Traditional Web Apps (Richard MacManus)

What is a REST API? (Salma Alam-Naylor)


Sharpnado.Tabs 2.2: Material Design Tabs and Geometry (SVG) icon support (Jean-Marie Alfonsi)

WebView2 Flashing when changing TabControl Tabs (Rick Strahl)

Visual Studio & .NET

Exploring C# 10: Save Space with File-Scoped Namespaces (Dave Brock)

dotnet-script 1.2 is out with assembly isolation feature (Filip W.)

Bite-Size .NET 6 – DateOnly and TimeOnly (Matthew Jones)

Design, Methodology & Testing

A PKI-less secure communication channel: The record layer (Oren Eini)

Why flow matters more than passion (Sarah Drasner)

Clean code tip: use the same name for the same concept (Davide Bellone)

Why Your Organization Needs an Open Source Program Office (Maria Korolov)

Extracting text from any file is harder than it looks. Extracting formatting is even harder. (Corey Kidd & Ben Truscott)

A new public beta of GitHub Releases: How we’re improving the release experience (Myles Borins)

Deepen your cybersecurity knowledge with Microsoft Learn (Sandeep Bhanot)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Android 12 is live in AOSP! (Dave Burke)

Flutter Authentication and Authorization with Auth0, Part 1: Adding Authentication to an App and Part 2: Refresh Tokens, Social Logins, and More and Part 3: Adding Real-Time Chat to the App and Part 4: Roles and Permissions (Majid Hajian)

How to Update Markers in Flutter Maps from Firebase Database? (Meikanda Nayanar I)

Introducing: Unity Robotics Visualizations Package (Amanda Trang & Laurie Cheers)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

The Stack Overflow Podcast 381: Building image search, but for any object IRL (Ben Popper)

Technology & Friends – Tudor Damian on Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking (David Giard)

Revision Path – Keni Thacker (Maurice Cherry)

Asp.Net Monsters #225 – Azure Blob Lifecycle Rules (David Paquette, James Chambers & Simon Timms)

.NET MAUI Blazor – One App That Runs Everywhere – XamExpertDay 2021 (Jose Javier Columbie)

Building Accessible Apps with .NET MAUI – XamExpertDay 2021 (Rachel Kang)

Drawn Controls in .NET MAUI – XamExpertDay 2021 (Javier Suarez)

Improving the UX of our Xamarin Forms Apps – XamExpertDay 2021 (Charlin Agramonte & Rendy Del Rosario)

DevTalk Podcast 73: Drawn Controls in .NET MAUI. With Javier Suárez (Kerry Lothrop)

Azure Podcast Episode 396 – How Vattenfall uses Azure (Sujit D’Mello)

Google Cloud Security Podcast Episode 34 – Instrumenting Modern Application Stack for Detection and Response (Anton A. Chuvakin)

CyberSecurity Awareness Month with Troy Vinson – Azure DevOps Podcast Episode 161 (Jeffrey Palermo)

Microsoft Mechanics – Windows 11 Security – Our Hacker-in-Chief Runs Attacks and Shows Solutions (Jeremy Chapman & Dave Weston)

The 6 Figure Developer Episode 214 – Open Source Software with Tanner Linsley (John Callaway)

Inside Trader Joe’s Podcast Episode 40: Trader Joe’s Noodles Around with Pasta and Olives (Trader Joe’s Team)

Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly – Episode 137 – Serge Tremblay (Technologia) (Vesa Juvonen & Waldek Mastykarz)

Community & Events

Announcing the Angular Developer Survey 2021! (Angular Team)

PASS Data Community Summit 2021: I’m Excited! (Grant Fritchey)

Meet the Splunktern: Eve Kelly (Helen O’Keeffe)

How I Got Into Computers Consulting 101 Edition (Rocky Lhotka)

Join Microsoft at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2021 (Ahmed Sabbour)

What is the Unity for Humanity program? (Paisley Smith)


Display Line Numbers in a SQL Server Management Studio Query Window (Ashish Kumar Mehta)

Script to retrieve SQL Server database backup history and no backups (Tim Ford)

RocksDB in Microsoft Bing (Burton (Pu) Li, Jason (Zengzhong) Li, Max Sigalov, Dafan Liu & Knut Magne Risvik)

Multiple Ways to Concatenate Values Together in SQL Server (Koen Verbeeck)

SharePoint & MS Teams

SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop: September 2021 (Mark Kashman)

Introducing Chat from Microsoft Teams on Windows 11, for your personal accounts (Microsoft Teams Team)


Ordinal Classification Using PyTorch (James McCaffrey)

Available Now: Windows 11 is Built for Gaming (Xbox Team)

Restore full right click context menu in Windows 11 (Kapil Arya)

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22471 (Brandon LeBlanc)

Making Windows 11 the most inclusively designed version of Windows yet (Carolina Hernandez)

Getting started with Power Automate for desktop in Windows 11 (John Anastasopoulos)

Facebook has finally given a reason for the six-hour outage Monday (Kim Lyons)

Too big to fail (Mark Downie) 4.3.2 is now available (Rick Brewster)

Empower your hybrid workforce today with Windows 11 (Wangui McKelvey)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3325 (Chris Alcock)

[Last Week in .NET #62] – Watermelon Sug — HOW HIGH ARE YOU (George Stocker)

Sands of MAUI: Issue #27 (Sam Basu)

.NET Annotated Monthly | October 2021 (Rachel Appel)

The Geek Shelf

 Learn WinUI 3.0: Leverage the power of WinUI, the future of native Windows application development (Alvin Ashcraft)

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