Dew Drop – October 7, 2021 (#3532)

Top Links

Learn Flutter for free with Flutter Apprentice! (Shams Zakhour)

ASP.NET Core Diagnostic Scenarios (Scott Hanselman)

.NET Rocks! – Uno Update with Thomas Huber (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)

Azure REST API Guidelines Update (Mark Weitzel)

StackBlitz: Introducing Templates! (Tomek Sulkowski)

Web & Cloud Development

Azure Tips & Tricks – Tip 336 – How to store unstructured data in Azure Cosmos DB with Azure Functions (Azure Team)

Pulumi Oct. 6 releases: AWS Native Provider, more refresh options (Alex Mullans)

Secure communication between apps registered in the Azure AD B2C using OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow (Daniel Krzyczkowski)

How Rapid Iteration with GraphQL Helped Reenvision a Government Payments Platform (Anu Pandey)

What are Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript (Dmitri Pavlutin)

Introducing Syncfusion Angular Code Snippets for Visual Studio Code (Ganesan Rengasamy)

Microsoft’s 5 guiding principles for decentralized identities (Emma Jones)

Freebie: COVID-19 Icon Set (56 Icons, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG) (Anton Tyschenko)

What Your Customers Really Want From Your Login Box (Kerry Ok)

Razor Pages Startup in .NET 6 (Mike Brind)

Best practices for authentication and authorization for REST APIs (Sam Scott & Graham Neray)

How Do You Become More Productive with GoLand? Complete Interactive Courses! (Sergey Kozlovskiy)

Dynamic Jamstack with Stencil and Supabase (Will Martin)


Xamarin Forms: White screen between page push and pop solved (András Tóth)

Xamarin.Forms Maps – Getting Location & Radius of User’s Input (Toby Field)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Responsible Tech Playbook (Martin Fowler)

How to enable config-as-code in Octopus Deploy (Steve Fenton)

A PKI-less secure communication channel: Coding the handshake (Oren Eini)

Top Challenges of Automated End-to-End Testing (Dennis Martinez)

Infrastructure Observability for Changing the Spend Curve (Frank Chen)

Continuous, Collaborative, and Co-Experienced UX Research (Karl Melder)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Testing with Rider for Unreal Engine (Anastasia Kazakova)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

GCast 115: Registering an Azure Account Subscription (David Giard)

Software Engineering Daily – React Final Form with Erik Rasmussen (Jeff Meyerson)

Managing and Capturing Errors in Angular ft. Philipp Kief – Adventures in Angular 325 (Charles Max Wood, Richard Sithole & Subrat Mishra)

The MongoDB Podcast Ep. 81 – The Realm JavaScript SDK with Kraen Hansen (Michael Lynn & Nic Raboy)

Azure IoT middleware for FreeRTOS | Internet of Things Show (Olivier Bloch, Wellington Duraes & Dane Walton)

Deploying Azure Landing Zones using Terraform | Azure Enablement Show (Sarah Lean & Arnaud Lheureux)

Web Rush Episode 154: Theming and Accessibility with Angular Components with Emma Twersky (John Papa, Ward Bell, Dan Wahlin & Craig Shoemaker)

UI Breakfast Episode 223: How to Market Yourself with Shawn “Swyx” Wang (Jane Portman)

An intro to GitHub Actions – test and deploy multiple services – Matt Goldman and Andreas Lengkeek (SSW TV)

Advocate For Yourself (Part 2) with G. Andrew Duthie – Adventures in .NET 088 (Caleb Wells, Shawn Clabough & Wai Liu)

TypeScript Mixins – Adventures in Angular 327 (Armen Vardanyan & Charles Max Wood)

Community & Events

Philly .NET Code Camp 2022 – Day 1 and Day 2 and .NET Conf Launch Party (Bill Wolff, Rob Keiser, Rich Ross & Chris Gomez)

Questions Raised About .NET Foundation (Sue Gee)

Join the 2022 Imagine Cup Build Your Epic event (MS Student Developer Team)

Yep – I’m Joining Microsoft! (Richard Hay)


What’s new with SQL Server Big Data Clusters—CU13 Release (Daniel Coelho)

MariaDB Learning Path (Pinal Dave)

SharePoint, M365 & MS Teams

CLI for Microsoft 365 v4 (Garry Trinder)


Windows 11 blossoms with ‘Bloom’ – a new symbol for a new operating system (Athima Chansanchai)

To Call, or Not to Call a Developer, That is the Question (DeveloperMedia)

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now fully powered by faster Xbox Series X hardware (Tom Warren)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3327 (Chris Alcock)

The Geek Shelf

 Adaptive Code via C#: Agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles (Gary McLean) – Referral Link

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