Dew Drop – October 8, 2021 (#3533)

Top Links

Hot off the press! Fire We’ve just released #WindowsAppSDK 1.0 Preview 2 with updates and improvements to WinUI 3, Windowing, MRT Core, Input, Deployment, App Lifecycle, and much more! (Windows Developer Team)

.NET Foundation: My Take (Shawn Wildermuth)

Visual Studio Code September 2021 (VS Code Team)

Windows Package Manager 1.1 (Demitrius Nelon)

Web & Cloud Development

Azure Functions 4 Adds .NET 6 Support (Kay Ewbank)

CSS in TypeScript with vanilla-extract (Hugh Haworth)

6 Ways Azure Functions Endpoints Auth via OpenAPI (Justin Yoo)

jQuery UI 1.13.0 released and jQuery maintainers continue modernization initiative with deprecation of jQuery Mobile (Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek)

AZ-305 Study Guide Azure Solutions Architect (Thomas Maurer)

Retiring the Node.js Community Committeee (Tierney Cyren)

eSign Demo: Requesting Signatures from Multiple Signers (Bjoern Meyer)

The Relationship Between OpenAPI and Postman Collections (Kin Lane)

What is Go? Golang Programming Language Meaning Explained (Kolade Chris)

Introducing ClusterClass and Managed Topologies in Cluster API (Fabrizio Pandini)

GitHub Advisory Database now powers npm audit (Edward Thomson)

Cloud engineering fuels the next chapter of startup innovation (George Huang)

What is Google’s Dev Library––a new open-source platform for developers (Google Developers Team)

An Introduction to Hybrid Microservices (Joydip Kanjilal)

Safe Updates of Client Applications at Netflix (Minal Mishra)

Things Developers Do that Affect Their Web App Load Time (Nwose Lotanna Victor)


What’s New in 2021 Volume 3: WinUI and WPF (Mohamed Samsudeen)

Visual Studio & .NET

Introduction to Tutorial for Beginners Part 1 and How To Set Up xUnit With Visual Studio? Part 2 (Anton Angelov)

Design, Methodology & Testing

The Agile Manifesto: What agile has brought us and Improving Gender Inclusion by Using Agile Principles (Ben Linders)

My TOP Patterns for Event Driven Architecture (Derek Comartin)

A PKI-less secure communication channel: Implementing the record stream (Oren Eini)

How to use math operations in the Sketch Inspector (Sketch Team)

How To Balance Team Workloads Before Resourcing Becomes A Problem (Kat Boogaard)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

New Raspberry Pi Website (Harry Fairhead)

Cordova Lib 10.1.0 Released! (Bryan Ellis)

Ionic 6.0 Release Candidate (Kim Maida)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

CppCast – Autonomous UAS with Brandon Duick and Billy Sisson (Rob Irving)

.NET Core Podcast – ASP.NET Core 5 Design Patterns With Carl-Hugo Marcotte (Jamie Taylor)

InfoQ Podcast 382: Wait, we’re all content moderators now? (Ben Popper)

Hanselminutes – Back to the Technology Future Again with Eric Newcomer (Scott Hanselman)

Software Engineering Daily – Infrastructure as Code with Christian Tragesser (Jeff Meyerson)

Save Passwords in Secure Storage in your Xamarin app with Essentials (Gerald Versluis)

.NET MAUI Community Standup – Dmitry Lyalin warms us up to .NET Hot Reload. Plus: Sweeky! (David Ortinau & Sweeky Satpathy)

Working Code Podcast – Episode 043: Relay Race Programming (Ben Nadel)

Manning’s LiveProjects and Cloud Optimization ft. Troy Dreier and Andres Sacco – Adventures in DevOps 088 (Charles Max Wood & Shimon Tolts)

Coding After Work Podcast – Oren Eini – Raven DB (Jimmy Engstrom & Jessica Engstrom)

Just Another Podcast – Mads Torgersen On C# 10 (Jesse Liberty)

Rocket 354: Not the Bad Art Friend (Christina Warren, Brianna Wu & Simone De Rochefort)

Migrating to SQL: Introduction to Database Schema Conversion Toolkit (DSCT) (Ep. 9) | Data Exposed (Anna Hoffman, Alexandra Ciortea & Alexander Ivanov)

UX Podcast #273 – Purpose and thinking styles with Indi Young (James Royal-Lawson & Per Axbom)

Windows Weekly 745 – Bloomberry Compote Swirls (Paul Thurrott)

Azure Podcast Episode 397 – Capacity Reservation (Sujit D’Mello)

Profiling and Fixing Common Performance Bottlenecks – Webinar Recording (Maarten Balliauw)

Community & Events

20 Things I’ve Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer (Justin Etheredge)

GitHub’s guide to Hacktoberfest 2021 (Kara Sowles)


7 Top Open Source Datasets to Train Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Text Models (Exxact Team)

Restore to SQL Managed Instance (Arun Sirpal)

SharePoint & MS Teams

Microsoft Teams on iPad: boosting my personal productivity (Vesa Nopanen)


Building a Web Report in PowerShell, use the -Force Luke (Chris Noring)


Microsoft acquires to improve employee experience by aligning people’s work with team goals and company mission (Kirk Koenigsbauer)

Smooth Scrolling comes to Excel for Windows (Steve Kraynak)

Microsoft Kinect is back, thanks to Sky’s new all-in-one TVs (Tom Warren)

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The Morning Brew #3328 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-10-08 (Dan Rigby)

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Collective #682 (Mary Lou)

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The Geek Shelf

 Practical Microservices: Build Event-Driven Architectures with Event Sourcing and CQRS (Ethan Garofolo) – Referral Link

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