Dew Drop – September 20, 2021 (#3520)

Top Links

Announcing: WinUI 3 – Windows App SDK Preview 1.0 (Gabby Bilka)

PowerToys is now available to download from the Microsoft Store for Window 11 (Sofia Wyciślik-Wilson)

Introducing Azure DevOps Audit Stream (Peter De Tender)

NuGet: Introducing Package Source Mapping (Nikolche Kolev)

HTTP/3 support in .NET 6 (Sam Spencer)

Web & Cloud Development

Azure SDK Release (September 2021) (Azure SDK Team)

Code Snippet: Conditional User Agent Logic with Blazor and BabylonJS and Blazor – The Player Camera (Cody Merritt Anhorn)

Creating Microsoft Teams meetings in ASP.NET Core using Microsoft Graph (Damien Bowden)

Azure Table Storage with ASP.NET Core (Muhammed Saleem)

Creating a Game in Blazor – Part 2 – Gravity, and Controls (Paul Michaels)

Securing Web APIs (Tariq Siddiqui)

How to Add Full-Text Search Functionality to Your JavaScript App (Tyler Mitchell)

AngularDart with null safety has shipped (AngularDart Team)

Level Up: Introduction to TypeScript (Alex Kuntz)

Getting Started with wasmCloud (Jack Wallen)

Support for Twitter Spaces API added to Social Opinion API (Jamie Maguire)

How to use pointers in Go (Manoj Debnath)

An Exploration using OCI Functions (Sathya)


Avatar Groups (Kym Phillpotts)

Design beautiful gradients — practical guide in Xamarin.Forms with Magic Gradients (Bohdan Benetskyi)

How To Set up .NET MAUI on Windows (Claudio Bernasconi)

Getting Device Information with Xamarin Essentials (Leomaris Reyes)

Fixing build issue in MAUI preview 8 (Pieter Nijs)

Visual Studio & .NET

C# – Always valid value objects (Daniel Wertheim)

Static Analysis Fixes in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.11 (Gabor Horvath)

C# 10.0 implicit global using directives (Ian Griffiths)

JOS.Configuration – Convenient methods for configuration in dotnet core (Josef Ottosson)

Progress Telerik Adds New Controls for Blazor, .NET MAUI, Desktop (David Ramel)

Source Generator For INotifyPropertyChanged (Anu Viswan)

TX Text Control 30.0 Preview: Improved Online Document Editor Ribbon Design (Bjoern Meyer)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Agile Principles: Welcome Change (Al Tenhundfeld)

September patches for Azure DevOps Server and Team Foundation Server (Gloridel Morales)

Level up your skills with Bicep! (April Edwards)

Power of Backlog Refinement (Ravishankar N.)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Android emulator multi-touch support (Gabriel Grigoras)

Manipulating holograms using the MRTK Hand Physics service (Joost van Schaik)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

Kubernetes Podcast from Google – Prodfiler, with Thomas Dullien (Craig Box & Adam Glick)

CodeNewbie S17:E8 – What’s in store for CodeLand 2021 (Ben Halpern) (CodeNewbie Team)

Technology & Friends – Eric Potter on Kusto Query Language and Technology & Friends – Cameron Presley on Mentoring (David Giard)

Merge Conflict 272: .NET 6 RC1, .NET MAUI Updates, & iPhone 13 Event Recap (James Montemagno & Frank Kreuger)

Enable government missions in the cloud with Azure Government | Azure Friday (Scott Hanselman & Steve Michelotti)

Blast off with Blazor! – Supercharged Enterprise UIs using AntDesign with Luke Parker (SSW TV)

Ladybug Podcast – All About Agile (Kelly Vaughn, Ali Spittel, Emma Bostian & Sidney Buckner)

Meta Cast Episode 206 – The Reciprocal Conundrum (Bob Galen & Josh Anderson)

The Changelog – The business model of open source (Adam Jacob, Adam Stacoviak & Jerod Santo)

Unhandled Exception Podcast – Dependency Injection in .NET with Steve Collins (Dan Clarke)

The Amp Hour #558 – Toasted Marshmallow Connectors (Dave Jones & Chris Gammell)

FreeCodeSession – Episode 299 (Jason Bock)

Serverless Chats Episode #111: Amplifying Serverless Developers with Ali Spittel (Jeremy Daly & Rebecca Marshburn)

Talk Python to Me #334: Microsoft Planetary Computer (Michael Kennedy)

AI Show | Ramping up your custom NLP tasks with Verseagility | Episode 30 | AI Show (Seth Juarez & Timm Walz)

Community & Events

A day in the life of… Ed George (Senior Android Developer) (Ed George)

Becoming a Remote Worker – Month 18+ (Adam Storr)

Sir Clive SInclair Dies Aged 81 (Sue Gee)

TechCrunch Disrupt kicks off in just a few days (Alexandra Ames)

Microsoft’s Surface event: How to watch new hardware debut live on Sept. 22 (Ian Sherr)


SQL SERVER – Troubleshooting High CPU (Pinal Dave)

Getting started with Azure Cosmos DB – end to end example, part 2 (Cyrille Visser)

Generating SQL INSERT Statements From SQL SELECT Statements In MySQL 5.7.32 (Ben Nadel)


Hunting for Malicious PowerShell using Script Block Logging (Splunk Threat Research Team)


Microsoft announced Office 2021 release date (Kunal Chowdhury)

Microsoft even requires TPM 2.0 for Windows 11 virtual machines and New malware uses Windows Subsystem for Linux as an attack vector and Run Windows 11 in VirtualBox? Nope! (Sofia Wyciślik-Wilson)

Microsoft’s new photos app for Windows 11 is a welcome redesign and Surface Pro 8 leaks with 120Hz display and Thunderbolt support (Tom Warren)

More Link Collections

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-09-20 (Dan Rigby)

Friday Five: Azure Data Factory, Consultancy Tips, More! (Jeffrey Raymond Kitt)

Code Maze Weekly #93 (Vladimir Pecanac)

Weekly Xamarin – Issue 321 – 18th Sep 2021 (Kym Phillpotts)

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.09.17 (Jay Gordon)

The Overflow #91: Observability is the future (of your DevOps career) (Ryan Donovan & Cassidy Williams)

F# Weekly #38, 2021 – .NET 6 RC1, VS2022 Preview 4 and Fable Rust by ncave (Sergey Tihon)

C# Digest Issue #381 (Jakub Chodounsky)

The .NET Stacks #62: And we’re back (Dave Brock)

The Geek Shelf

 When They Win, You Win: Being a Great Manager Is Simpler Than You Think (Russ Laraway) – Pre-Order, Referral Link

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