Dew Drop – September 22, 2021 (#3522)

Top Links

Welcome to the 20th anniversary of the Imagine Cup (MS Student Developer Team)

Adding cross cutting concerns to a GraphQL service (Nigel Sampson)

ASP.NET Core 6: Streaming JSON responses with IAsyncEnumerable, example with Angular (Anthony Giretti)

SourceGear Bridge preview: Swift with .NET in Xcode (Eric Sink)

Web & Cloud Development

Three New Next.js Features and How to Use Them (Ali Spittel)

Is Accessing Querystring Values in Azure Functions Hard? (Adam Storr)

Enhance local development experience using the Azure Cosmos DB Linux emulator and VS Code (Abhishek Gupta)

Authentication Support in Syncfusion Blazor Template Studio: A Complete Guide (Kalirajan Ganesan)

Top Tips for Vue 3 Development (Kevin Ashley)

React Dashboard Tutorial—How To Build an Interactive Dashboard (Thomas Findlay)

Comparing WebApplicationBuilder to the Generic Host: Exploring .NET Core 6 – Part 2 (Andrew Lock)

GraphQL Can’t REST (Courier)

Determining OS Platform Version (Eric Lawrence)

V8 release v9.5 (Ingvar Stepanyan)

Practical API Design Using gRPC at Netflix (Vasco Veloso)

Visual Studio & .NET

C# 10.0: File Scoped Namespaces – Get More Space For Your Code (Thomas Claudius Huber)

Interesting Technology Tips – Vol. 1 (Khalid Abuhakmeh)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Introducing Google Cloud Platform integration for Octopus Deploy (Andreia Virmond)

Advanced Installer 18.7 (Advanced Installer Team)

Discovering YouTrack: Dashboards (Elena Pishkova)

3 trends shaping identity as the center of modern security (Emma Jones)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Improved Google Play Console user management: access requests, permission groups, and more (Mike Yerou)

Getting Started With Python on Hardware (Craig Couden)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

10 Podcasts That Every Leader Should Have In Their Listening Queue (Mariya Harris)

AzureFunBytes Episode 56 – Secretless Applications with @ChristosMatskas (Jay Gordon)

DevOps Lab | Infra as Code in Action: Protect production resources | Ep 3 of 4-episode series | The DevOps Lab (April Edwards & Chris Maneu)

Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast – Explore Oracle Labs Australia with Founder & Director Cristina Cifuentes (Bob Rhubart)

Advocate For Yourself – Adventures in .NET 087 (Caleb Wells, Shawn Clabough & Wai Liu)

Microsoft Cloud Show Episode 427 | Two More Epic Azure Vulnerabilities (Andrew Connell & Chris Johnson)

Asp.Net Monsters #223 – Processing CSV files in C# (James Chambers, Simon Timms & David Paquette)

DBAle 36: The triple threat-happiness, gratitude, and beer (Chris Unwin & Chris Kerswell)

FreeCodeSession – Episode 300 (Jason Bock)

Community & Events

Learn Kubernetes with Google: Join us live on October 6! (María Cruz)

The “Too many white dudes” problem in software (George Stocker)

Why I love Polywork as a developer advocate — and it’s not for the reason you think (Salma Alam-Naylor)

Maker Spotlight: Megan Colby and Maker Spotlight: Nancy Aycock (Jennifer Blakeslee)


Creating a table using the SQL SELECT INTO clause – Part 1 (Sergey Gigoyan)

SharePoint & MS Teams

Announcing the Microsoft Teams Vaccination Attestation Application (Rob Garrett)

Microsoft Teams – Empowering Collaboration (Surya Pammi)

Viva Connections public preview is now available! (Brad McCabe)


#PowershellBasics: Bulk insert. (Kenneth Fisher)


Power Automate Desktop September 2021 update (Yiannis Mavridis)

Introduction to PyTorch Lightning (Exxact Team)

The Framework is the most exciting laptop I’ve ever used (Cory Doctorow)

How to end the COVID crisis (Bill Gates)

Deno 1.14 Improves Web Crypto Support (Ian Elliot)

6 Undeniable Benefits of Low-Code App Development (Jesse Sumrak)

Windows 11 PC Health Check app is now available for everyone (Kunal Chowdhury)

Dependency Injection with Kotlin and Koin (Matthew Casperson)

More Link Collections

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-09-22 (Dan Rigby)

The Geek Shelf

 Learn WinUI 3.0: Leverage the power of WinUI, the future of native Windows application development (Alvin Ashcraft) – Referral Link

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