Dew Drop – September 30, 2021 (#3527)

Top Links

How We Made Bracket Pair Colorization 10,000x Faster In Visual Studio Code (Henning Dieterichs)

SizeBench: a new tool for analyzing Windows binary size (Austin Lamb)

Introducing the New Package Details Page (Jiachen Jiang)

Free Data Science for Beginners curriculum on GitHub (Chris Noring)

Web & Cloud Development

How I organise my Blazor components (Jon Hilton)

Create an API in Swift and Deploy It to AWS Lambda (Bruno Lorenzo)

AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processor – Run Your Functions on Arm and Get Up to 34% Better Price Performance (Danilo Poccia)

Looking for a Docker Alternative? Consider This. (David Oro)

How to Create a UUID in JavaScript (David Walsh)

How to type React Components with TypeScript (Dmitri Pavlutin)

Sorting JavaScript Arrays By Nested Properties (Elijah Manor)

Custom deployment layout for Blazor WebAssembly apps (Javier Calvarro Nelson)

AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processors (Paul Stack)

Call for Review: ARIA in HTML is a W3C Proposed Recommendation and Call for Review: Payment Request API and Payment Method Identifiers are W3C Proposed Recommendations and First Public Working Draft: Media Source Extensions (Xueyuan Jia)

Relaunching Pulumi’s Public Roadmap (Alex Mullans)

Codeanywhere adventures – Getting started with browser based development in containers (part 1) (Eric D. Schabell)

Update Tags to multiple Logic Apps using REST API (Joyce Dorothy)

Develop Secure Web Applications – A Developer’s Guide (Riya Sander)

Docker: We Turned Off the Paid Requirement to Skip Update Reminders. Got More Feedback? We’re All Ears! (Steph Rifai)


Opening A PDF in Xamarin Forms (Part1: Xamarin.iOS) (Damien Tohin Doumer Kake)

Visual Studio & .NET

TextControl Sneak Peek Version 30.0: Extended Character Attributes (Bjoern Meyer)

Design, Methodology & Testing

Unit Testing Legacy Code, Part 2: Leveraging Mock Objects (Peter Vogel)

Standardize DevOps practices across hybrid and multicloud environments (Thomas Maurer)

Faster group navigation, new Apple device presets and more — what’s new in Sketch (Sketch Team)

12 UX Designer Tools You Should Be Using (From Beginner to Pro) (A. Noriega)

Mobile, IoT & Game Development

Game Development Guide: What Coding Languages to Learn and How to Get Started (jpotyraj)

Podcasts, Screencasts & Videos

.NET Rocks! – Code that Fits in Your Head with Mark Seemann (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell)

GCast 114: Creating an Azure Active Directory B2C Tenant (David Giard)

Do you Sync your files from Teams to File Explorer? (SSW TV)

Working Code Podcast – Episode 042: Potluck (Ben Nadel)

AzureFunBytes Episode 57 – Securing @Azure with @shehackspurple (Jay Gordon)

Design Details 414: Memorable Software Moments (Brian Lovin & Marshall Bock)

Web Rush Episode 153: Single Page Application vs Multi Page Application with Rich Harris (John Papa, Ward Bell, Dan Wahlin & Craig Shoemaker)

The Stack Overflow Podcast Episode 383 – Automate away your boring standup meetings (Ryan Donovan)

Community & Events

Android Dev Summit returns on October 27-28, 2021! (Android Developer Team)

Mark your calendars: Android Dev Summit, Chrome Dev Summit and Firebase Summit are coming your way in a few weeks! (Google Developer Team)

The Dev Talk Show (Oct 6) – Coding with GitHub Copilot (Andy Schwam, Chris Gomez & Rich Ross)

Virtual Hackathon : Come ideate and help build a sustainable nursing force (Daniel Kim)

Building Gender Diversity in Organizations to Deliver Award-Winning Products (Katrina Desrosiers)


Calling all data “wranglers” / developers – and those that want to know more about SQL Server! (Kimberly Tripp)

Planning Azure Cosmos DB capacity using vCores, vCPUs, and request rates (Andy Feldman)

Snowflake – Stored Procedure Template in JavaScript (Pinal Dave)

An Introduction to Database Programming with Go (Manoj Debnath)

Azure Tips & Tricks – Tip 335 – How to choose a partition key in Azure Cosmos DB (Azure Team)

How to successfully deploy databases with external references (Sebastian Meine)

SharePoint & MS Teams

What’s New in Microsoft Teams for Education | September 2021 (Abby Schilbach)

Meet Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub (Christian Schacht)

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | September 2021 (MS Teams Team)


How to Make Use Of PowerShell Profile Files (Thomas Lee)


Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22468 (Brandon LeBlanc)

Coding Practice: Learning Rust with Fibonacci Numbers (Jeremy Clark)

Microsoft Edge Dev channel build 96.0.1028.0 adds ability to view Office files (Kunal Chowdhury)

Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.47.0 — download it now! (Sofia Wyciślik-Wilson)

More Link Collections

The Morning Brew #3322 (Chris Alcock)

.NET App Developer Links – 2021-09-30 (Dan Rigby)

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.09.24 (Jay Gordon)

The Geek Shelf

 Agile Project Management with Kanban (Developer Best Practices) (Eric Brechner) – Referral Link

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