Find All Date Between Two Dates In JavaScript.

In this post we will find all the dates between two date in JavaScript. We will create two variables start date and end date in YYYY-MM-DD format and will find all the date between two dates.

Start and End Dates.

var start_date = new Date(“2021-03-01”),
var end_date = new Date(“2021-03-27”);

Create a function to find all dates.

In this step we will create the function that will return the all the date between start Date and end Date.

var startDate = new Date(“2021-03-01”); //YYYY-MM-DD
var endDate = new Date(“2021-03-22”); //YYYY-MM-DD

var allDate = function(start_date, end_date) {
var date_range = new Array();
var st_date = new Date(start_date);
while (st_date <= end_date) {
let month = (“0” + (st_date.getMonth() + 1)).slice(-2);
let day = (“0” + st_date.getDate()).slice(-2);
let date = [st_date.getFullYear(), month, day].join(“-“);
st_date.setDate(st_date.getDate() + 1);
return date_range;

var dateArr = allDate(startDate, endDate);

// Output
document.write(“<html><body><span>Start Date: ” + startDate + “</span><br>”);
document.write(“<span>End Date: ” + endDate + “</span><br>————<br>”);
document.write(“<span>All Date</span><br>———<br>”)
for (var i = 0; i < dateArr.length; i++) {

document.write(“<span>” + dateArr[i] + “</span><br>”);



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