Firewall rules to allow internal connection to #AWS Elastic IP

This is probably a very specific problem, that I’m not sure that many people will have, but I’ll share the problem and solution here, since it’s not very obvious.

Given a piece of software, with a config file containing a DSN. I want the DSN to be the same on Dev as on Production, so that there are no “Works on my machine” errors.

My server on AWS has an Elastic IP, and a windows firewall to permit remote access to limited IP addresses to the Database port.

On Dev, we point the DSN to the Elastic IP, and all is good. On Prod, the same Elastic IP times out. — help!!



SQLCMD ELASTIC IP -> Times out (only on same machine)

Obviously “LOCALHOST” and “PRIVATE IP” are not going to work from DEV.

So, the solution; Add the ELASTIC IP into the Scope on the Firewall !!

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