How Much Does It Cost To Hire a PHP Developer In India?

After 2019, I won’t be able to say that PHP is the best programming language used worldwide but it definitely seems to have scored a big time over all these years. According to W3Tech, PHP is presently being used by 78.9% of all websites with a known server-side programming language. This surely means 8 out of 10 websites you probably visit on the internet is been created by using PHP.  However, it is always advisable to take these stats with a grain of salt.

The following post emphasizes how relevant today PHP is and the significance of becoming a PHP developer and most importantly, how much does it cost to hire a PHP developer in India. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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The PHP Web Market In India
Who are PHP Developers?
Is it Good to Outsource PHP Development Solutions?
How to Hire a PHP Developer for Your Upcoming Project in India?

Cost of Hiring a PHP Developer as Per Their Skills

What is an Average Hourly Rate of a Developer?


1. The PHP Web Market In India

The following post emphasizes how relevant today PHP is and the significance of becoming a PHP developer and most importantly, how much does it cost to hire a PHP developer in India. Without further ado, let’s begin!

As per the above image, PHP has a way to go in comparison to other web development frameworks. Some of the interesting names using PHP include,,,, WordPress, Pinterest,, and the list goes on. Also, the latest version of PHP turns out to be way faster and better as it stacks up favorably against all other languages. Beyond that, some extravagant features like combined comparison operator, null coalesce, new type hinting, anonymous classes, nullable types, iterable and void returns, multi-catch exception handling, trailing commas, etc make PHP a cut above.

Image Source : PHP Versions

And trust me 79% of usage doesn’t sound like a dead language to me at all. Moreover, it has been observed that the number of PHP developers applying for the job has increased over the last five years. This surely means people are keen enough to not just learn the language but make their careers out of it. On and all, no matter how overshadowed PHP can get by other development platforms such as Python or JavaScript but this technology has somehow condemned to death more than once and still managed to get back in the race stronger than before.

Benefits of PHP

Could it be the new age demand? Most probably yes! Now since we all are well aware of the fact that if you can make it online, you have won it all! So expanding the aura of your business online means a sure-shot way to succeed but what about the cut-throat competition around? Well, whether you are designing or developing a website, either of the two is important, none of these can be ignored or underestimated. PHP itself being a scripting server-side language not just secures but also ends up being fast and reliable too. So, what makes it an apple of the new generation?

Easy to use. Budding developers can quickly learn.
Mainly known for its best control. I mean all you need to code is few lines and everything is done. Whereas other programming languages require long scripts for coding.
It seems perfect for Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and so on.
Run-on several platforms like Linux, Windows and more.
PHP also gets along with open-source software integration like Joomla, Typo3, osCommerce, Drupal, etc.
No need to buy high-end software as PHP is open source and does not put an extra burden on your pocket.

Choosing a PHP development company or PHP developers that serve you the relief from the web management headache is the only option one has. Saying that would not be wrong, there are many talented PHP developers out there, and it’s you who need to make the right choice!

2. Who are PHP Developers?

In general terms, PHP developers are the ones who develop programs, applications and websites using the dynamic scripting language PHP. PHP is known for web development and business applications. However, it depends on job function, PHP developers can be classified as simple software developers or web developers who know their job extremely well. And since the language is so ubiquitous in website development and business, it can be a good choice for self-employed or contract PHP developers.

Here developers are often bound to create user interfaces or work behind the scenes. The programming language is frequently being used in combination with SQL for databases. It is also used for basic website functions like accepting usernames and passwords and managing guest books. It can display photo or thumbnail galleries and various other types of dynamic content.

Experience of Developers

Generally, programmers in India enter the field right after achieving a baccalaureate-level education. It can be in regards to information science, software engineering, computer science and more. Unfortunately, web developers are often underestimated than software developers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an associate’s degree or even a high school diploma will suffice for some positions. Having additional skills, though, can help a developer get ahead. And since web design always remains in tandem with web development, a developer who knows both spaces is highly recommended across the globe.

In addition to all this, real-world experience is extremely important. I mean in comparison to certifications. Theoretical knowledge can assist up to an extent after a while, you must start gaining practical knowledge as well and that comes from experience and nothing else. This is the time when a developer learns to adept at different stages right from extracting and documenting the requirements to providing post-deployment support; this increases the likelihood of moving up to a lead position.

3. Is It Good to Outsource PHP Development Solutions?

Outsourcing development services to countries like India is not a new concept though. It has been done for decades. The only difference is that earlier person used to migrate from one end to another to provide relevant development services but not anymore. Services from countries like India, Vietnam, Phillippines seem to be outsourced on a grand scale. And without a shadow of a doubt, PHP development services hold a major share in it. Further below I would like to mention a few advantages of hiring a PHP development company or a developer from India.

1. High-Efficiency

First and foremost reason is high efficiency. Whether you choose a company or a PHP developer, you will find them confident and highly efficient in what they do. Also, they will be reliable in terms of workmanship. Though India is a developing country but has proved itself to have highly skilled professionals and polished with greater dedication towards end solutions.

2. Cost-effective

Of course, Price is another major concern and here a PHP developer tends to offer services at pretty much lower prices and thus there can be a lot of cost-cutting in the project. However, lower prices in no way mean lower quality of work. Instead, they provide highly efficient solutions as compared to any other country in the world.

3. Time-Zone Difference

Now you must be wondering how hiring a PHP developer who has a different time zone can be beneficial? Well, businesses that have time zones different to India do their part of work in their working hours and the hired Indian companies do their part on their own. This allows the app development project to be running 24×7 and thus get completed in less time.

4. How to Hire a Good PHP Developer for Your Upcoming Project in India?

Hiring a PHP developer in developing countries is no big scam but it can be one if not done in the right manner. The most common way of hiring app development solutions is by choosing a company as a whole. By doing this, you will receive several app development profiles at a time. Moreover, you can shortlist different CVs and call relevant development candidates for an interview.

Apart from this, you can even seek assistance from relevant development portals especially the ones which connect job seekers and recruiters both at once. These development portals end up creating a win-win situation as the job seekers are able to post detailed portfolios and references so that the recruiting agents can go through their profiles. One can narrow down the search result by using filters. This helps a lot when you hire a PHP developer professional.

Some of the best portals to consider include,, and Other famous platforms with a large pool of impressive professionals include Upwork, Toptal, LinkedIn, StackOverflow, etc. These platforms offer you individual developers as well as agencies so that the required website is developed.

Now choosing an app programmer can be a difficult thing to do since you might get overwhelmed after looking at so many app development options around. So what can be done is a few requirements can be scanned before you hire a PHP developer for your project such as:

Requirements to Check Before Hiring PHP Developers

He must have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of PHP.
The app Programmer must carry a hands-on experience of working on popular frameworks such as CakePHP, Laravel, and Symfony.
He must possess great front-end skills in HTML and CSS.
The app programmer must be able to work on SQL/MySQL databases and have a good understanding of JavaScript concepts to deliver outstanding app development solutions.
He must be good with deadlines and milestones.
A part from delivering on-time solutions, he must possess strong communication skills.

5. Cost of Hiring a PHP Developer as Per Their Skills

Here comes the crucial part – salary or pay. Normally, salary mainly depends on their skill set, years of experience achieved and other factors. Such as portfolio, ability to communicate effectively and accomplish deliverables right on time.

Level of Expertise and Skillset (%age)

Rs 110K

Rs 150K

Rs 240K

Rs 360K

Rs 520K

In addition to this, what level he is at present also plays an important role and a crucial deciding factor in regards to paying. For example, seniority level gets $80K as pay whereas Middle-level developer gets around $60 to $70K and as a Junior-level developer, it lies around $50K.

What is an Average Hourly Rate of a Developer?

An average hourly rate for a junior-level PHP developer would be $20 whereas for middle-level it is $30. And for a senior-level developer, it is $40 to $50 per project. Also, if the programmer is skilled in Drupal then his average rate might increase by 10% whereas for Magento, ASP, Angular, Symphony, .Net, ajax, DHTML, it is somewhere around 3% for a project.

6. Conclusion

So this is it for now! In case if you are looking for a reputable PHP development company, feel free to get in touch. Here we ensure to provide the best possible solutions from our doorsteps.

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