Kicking off the 2020 .NET Foundation Director Campaigns

The Nomination Committee has reviewed all of the candidates who submitted a nomination and came up up with the following slate. A huge thank you goes out to all who was nominated!

Here are the candidates for the 2020 .NET Foundation Directors:

Ben Adams*
Bill Wagner
Dennie Declercq
Dhananjay Kumar
Huei Feng
Jamie Howarth
Javier Lozano
Jay Harris
Jeff Strauss
Jeffrey Chilberto
Jerome Hardaway
Joseph Guadagno
Layla Porter
Mitchel Sellers
Rainer Stropek
Rodney Littles, II
Rodrigo Diaz Concha
Shawn Wildermuth

*current director seeking re-election

Today kicks off the campaign period. There are six open seats on the board that need to be chosen. Next week we’ll highlight videos from the candidates so keep checking back!

Voting begins on July 21 and concludes on August 3rd. The voting will be on OpaVote and members will receive a private link to vote before voting begins.

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