Microsoft announced a couple weeks ago that they’re participating in this year’s Hacktoberfest, a month-long celebration of open source software. Launched as a partnership between DigitalOcean and GitHub in 2014, it rallies a global community of contributors, with last year’s event drawing more than 30,000 participants!

This October, Microsoft will recognize anyone who submits a pull request between October 1st and 31st to one of their open source projects with a special limited-edition T-shirt. This of course includes all of our Microsoft contributed .NET open source projects. Take a particularly good look at the “up-for-grabs” labeled issues in these repos. The team has labeled the issues this way that are great for our community contributors to work on first.

Code and documentation contributions are welcome. Explore the GitHub repos, find something that interests you, and submit your first (or 100th) pull request.

For information on how to participate and claim your T-shirt, see the OpenAtMicrosoft blog for details. Make sure you read the contribution rules, including filling in the form! If you have questions, post them as issues on the Hacktoberfest GitHub repo or tweet @OpenAtMicrosoft with hashtag #hacktoberfest.

Happy Hacktoberfest!

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