Mistakes to avoid while hiring PHP Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing has become the new norm, especially after the COVID massive hit. Businesses from all over the world are looking to hire PHP developers from India for their projects. Initially, outsourcing or offshore software development companies were only preferred when a business was under a budget crunch or they wanted to save additional costs. Well, but not anymore!

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Dive into The world of PHP Outsourcing

Choosing the Right PHP Outsourcing Partner

Get Clarity in Regards to the Scope of Your Work
Critical Criterion
Communicate Effectively

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring PHP Outsourcing Company

Lack of Appropriate Research
Lack of Basic Tech Expertise at Your End
Underestimating Quality Assurance (QA) or Testing
Not Clearly Stating Requirements
Keeping Ambiguity in Requirements and Miscommunication


1. Dive into The World of PHP Outsourcing

In fact, the term outsourcing was earlier considered a bad omen. The kind of cost-cutting move that could dilute a brand if done wrong. But fortunately, times have changed.

With the sudden rise in the development of software, PHP development, mobile apps,  cloud computing and automation, offshore or outsourcing development services have become the top priority for the savviest businesses.

Now I am sure you must be wondering what innovation offshore vendor can provide? Well, we still do not have a cookie-cutter answer as the market is still looking for possibilities. But most of the core advantages of outsourcing PHP Developers include:

Able to focus on your business
Lower costs
Improve quality
Promote unconditional growth
Maintain operational control
Offer Staffing flexibility
Provide continuity and manage risks

From sole proprietors to large corporations, businesses of every size can use outsourcing to help their company grow and expand while keeping expenses as low as possible.

2. Choosing the Right PHP Outsourcing Partner

Looking at today’s dynamic markets, outsourcing or choosing an offshore development company has turned out to be a pure blessing. Countries like the Philippines, India, Vietnam have become pure outsourcing hubs. However, before making a choice or reaping out most of the benefits, one does need to go through some factors. Factors, if overlooked, can result in failures, time loss and additional costs.

1. Get Clarity in Regards to the Scope of Your Work

Even before you start reaching out to a potential offshore software development company, write a clear scope of work document. It’s your responsibility to decide business goals, what is it that your business needs and what could be the best possible solution to achieve your desired outcomes.

Being a non-techie, writing such a scope of work document is too technical for you at the beginning, then you can also start by answering some simple questions like:

What is your exact need?
What could be the best potential solution for that?

By answering these questions can help you identify, the core problem you have been solving. So before you make a choice or even start looking for one, prepare a clear roadmap for solving that particular problem and identify your overall business goals.

Remember outsourcing or offshore software development isn’t a plug and play proposition but an approach used for a specific effect. After all, nobody knows your business better than you.

2. Critical Criterion

Once you are done with jotting down your work scope, reaching out to new prospective outsourcing software development service providers. Now its time to evaluate potential vendors, consider the ones who have:

Passion for the project
Set of PHP skills
Technical expertise
Experience in resolving complicated issues
Access to the latest technologies, best frameworks like PHP

3. Communicate Effectively

Of course, no business would like to compromise on quality. But you know what’s more important, no business can also afford to work with a partner who always misses deadlines or is not polite to work with.

So do not forget to check the market reputation of your potential outsourcing partner. Also, seek platforms like Clutch and Good firms, for example, where you can check out their past clients’ reviews.

In case, still, there are any doubts, there is always an option of connecting with the past clients of the offshore development company. In fact, many popular global companies like Github, Skype, and Slack have done it before. The only question is are you ready to follow their lead?

Well, I am not done yet! Further below I would like to mention certain mistakes or pitfalls to avoid when hiring a PHP outsourcing company.

3. Common Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring PHP Outsourcing Company

Now we all know what to do when looking for an offshore PHP development company. But here is the problem, at times even after knowing what to do we end up making mistakes. Fret not, here’s a list of top mistakes that you must avoid when choosing a PHP development outsourcing company:

1. Lack of Appropriate Research

This is one of the most common mistakes found these days. People are so much in hassle right now, they just want to choose one and get their app developed and running. Most startups base their outsourcing decisions solely on cost-efficiency. Although the cost factor plays an important role in the decision-making process, it’s not the only one. There are other things that matter such as a vendor’s portfolio, feedback and reviews. The way your vendor functions in the market is also very important.

Try researching as much as you can! Try asking these questions:

Are you familiar with the industry and user base?
Are there any new trends adopted in your portfolio?
How will you communicate with the team?
Who is the PM/other responsible people to get in touch with?
Who/what team will be working on the project
Will the developers be working only on your project or several projects?

2. Lack of Basic Tech Expertise at Your End

Outsourcing a PHP company means you are hiring experts, it doesn’t mean that you presuppose that everything is well aligned at the end of your project. Thus, regular monitoring is important. Lack of technical knowledge at your end may impose some major risks on the project.

This is very crucial when you are unable to manage projects on the daily basis. This surely means you need to have an internal person or a project manager who can manage and take a consultative approach towards your project.

Opting for such a partner releases you from the pressure of being on your toes with technological upgrades and implementations and also gives you the benefit of leveraging the latest technology for your projects.

3. Underestimating Quality Assurance (QA) or Testing

Testing always turns out to be an afterthought. Which shouldn’t be the case whether you choose an in-house or offshore software development company. Testing your project while it is underway is vital to gaining a guarantee that your final project is strong and functions just the way it should. In fact, a tester should be involved in the development from the very beginning, otherwise, you are likely to encounter tons of bugs in the end. So, ensure that your software is tested appropriately.

Whatever you’re building, testing should be an integral part of software development from the very beginning. Quality Assurance should ideally be done by the same company that collaborates with you for your development projects.

Once you start avoiding these blunders you will find offshore PHP development companies that can be trusted and build long-lasting relationships.

4. Not Clearly Stating Requirements

Another mistake to avoid when seeing for an offshore development partner, you must provide sufficient information about what type of product you expect them to develop. Organizations that fail to clearly communicate requirements often end up with unfavourable outcomes. Make sure to clearly state:

Your business requirements to carefully plan the development of your software project in the best way possible.
Type of experience you are seeking
What actions will your users take with your product to meet their needs?
Provide customer personas including the look and feel of your software and explain if you expect the app to be available on iOS, Android, or the web.

5. Keeping Ambiguity in Requirements and Miscommunication

Last but not the least, here businesses outsource their software development projects without a complete understanding of what needs to be done. I mean having a vague idea is certainly not enough. it becomes quite difficult to set clear requirements for the outsourcing partner, as well as to evaluate whether the process is headed in the right direction.

Right from knowing the goal to having a defined workflow in place, making the project available through all platforms, are all crucial before you begin implementation. Besides, before initiating a collaboration you must discuss the milestones and the approval system as well. Your outsourcing partner must understand exactly what you want in order to find the most effective ways to implement your idea.

4. Conclusion

So this is it! Keep watching the space to know more about the PHP development realm.

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