.NET Foundation Board Elections – Meet the Candidates!

Today and tomorrow the candidates for the 2020 Board of Director elections will be interviewed live on the.NET Foundation YouTube channel. Here’s a quick lineup:

TODAY, Thurs, July 16

Round 1 at 12PM EDT: Heather Downing will be interviewing Layla Porter, Rainer Stropek, Shawn Wildermuth, and Mitchel Sellers

Round 2 at 4PM EDT: Julie Lerman will be interviewing Bill Wagner, Dennie Declercq, and Jeffrey Chilberto

Round 3 at 7PM EDT: Sara Chipps will be interviewing Rodrigo Díaz Concha, Jeff Strauss, and Jerome Hardaway

TOMORROW, Fri, July 17

Round 4 at 12PM EDT: Alyssa Nicoll will be interviewing Jamie Howarth, Joseph Guadagno, Javier Lozano, and Rodney Littles, II

Learn more about the candidates at: https://dotnetfoundation.org/about/election/candidates. Also, all of the interviews will be recorded for you to view after the event.

Claire Novotny

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