.NET Foundation Board of Directors Election: Results!

The results are in, meet your newly elected board!

Iris Classon

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Ben Adams

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Jon Skeet

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Phil Haack

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Sara Chipps

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Claire Novotny

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Beth Massi

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Election Wrapup

This was an incredibly competitive race, with 45 very qualified candidates competing for 6 open positions (Beth Massi is Microsoft’s one appointed board member, the rest are all elected by .NET Foundation Members.

This election was conducted using Single Transferable Vote (Scottish Rules). It’s widely regarded as the most fair methodology, but can be a little complex to understand. Fortunately, the voting system we used (OpaVote, highly recommended) provides a pretty clear, visual breakdown on the voting results page. The voting results page also allows you to download summary data and (anonymous) ballots.

There’s more information about the campaign and election process on our previous post, “.NET Foundation Elections Closing Soon! Here’s the FAQ to help you cast your vote.

Next steps on this include a small bit of paperwork for the incoming board to accept the appointment, and for the outgoing board to sign off on the election, appoint the new board, and resign their previous position. That’s all pretty straightforward, and I hope to have that wrapped up within a week. Which is good, because we want to keep up the…

Community Momentum

The candidates have built up an active community on our Election Gitter chat, pitching in with Election site improvements, candidate interviews (here and here), and lots of great ideas. We’re planning to carry that excitement forward. We have 6 new board members, but this is a much bigger change than that – we also now have several hundred new .NET Foundation members worldwide, and many are looking to get more involved. Our plan is to scale using both our new board and our new members to involve the whole community in all areas of .NET Foundation work: project onboarding and support, Meetup and speaker initiatives, open source evangelism, outreach to new communities, etc., as the new board sets the priorities. We’re just getting started!  

Membership Update

Unsurprisingly, we saw a lot more membership applications as the elections kicked off. As of today, we’re at 715 .NET Foundation membership applications, 477 accepted. The huge majority of those that didn’t qualify had only Name / E-Mail / GitHub username, no contributions listed. Some of this is due to lessons learned on our part as we’re working to more clearly explain the application process, especially as the message goes worldwide and and hits new developer circles. Every application has been responded to with acceptance or specific feedback on contribution links. 

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