.NET Foundation Election 2020 Nominations are Open!

.NET Foundation Election 2020 Nominations are Open!

As described in my last post, the board has selected a nomination committee and opened up nominations. The nomination committee is:

Julie Lerman
Jessica White
Steve (Ardalis) Smith
Iris Classon
Rabeb Othmani

Given the critical role of the Foundation’s Board of Directors in managing the Foundation and ensuring its long-term well-being and sustainability, it is imperative that the Foundation’s members elect representatives capable of fulfilling these important responsibilities.

As such, some considerations for those seeking to serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors may include:

Prior leadership role within the .NET Foundation or other open source communities (e.g., Board Director, Project Leader, Committee chair, etc.)
Meaningful engagements in open source communities
Recent active involvement in the .NET community
A commitment to dedicate up to ten hours per month on Board responsibilities

If you are unsure if you qualify, don’t hesitate to reach out to the committee!

While .NET and programming are highly technical things, the board of the .NET Foundation isn’t a technical role. We need people who can organize, lead programs, create change, and bring their experiences to define and execute the .NET Foundation’s mission. If that sounds like you, please nominate yourself today! Nominations are open and will close on June 26th. The slate of candidates will be announced on July 7th, beginning a two week campaign period. Elections follow for two weeks using the same system as last year.


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