.NET Foundation January Update

Here’s the January edition of the .NET Foundation newsletter. Every month, we’ll give you a quick overview of the .NET Open Source landscape, including top project news, events, community links and more.

This month’s newsletter includes:

Update on Open Membership, Corporate Sponsorship, and Elections
News from .NET Foundation member projects
.NET Meetup news

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.NET Foundation Changes: Open Membership, Elections, and Corporate Sponsors

At the Microsoft Connect event in December, we made announced that we are moving to open membership, governed by a community elected board of directors. Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to with that.

This month we published a series of blog posts explaining things in more detail:

Why You Should Join: Part 1 – Voting Member
Why You Should Join: Part 2 – Corporate Sponsor
Why You Should Join: Part 3 – Board Member

Beth and Jon also spoke on the .NET Rocks podcast to explain what the .NET Foundation does, why it matters to every .NET developer, and how you can get involved. We’ve had a lot of response: lots of membership applications, several inquiries into running in the board elections, and some additional companies interested in becoming sponsors. Yay!

While we originally announced we’d be starting elections in January, we’ve decided to push them back to mid-February. These are our first elections, and we want to be sure we do it right. We also want to allow some more time to communicate clearly how the campaign process works, and to make sure we’ve gotten the word out to all prospective board members. We really want to make sure we’ve got a board that represents our entire community, and we’d love your help to spread the word to those you think should consider running (and think about running yourself, of course!).

Apply for .NET Foundation Membership

We’re going to continue posting more information about membership and board elections on our @dotnetfdn Twitter account for updates as well. We’re targeting election campaigns kicking off the second week of February. If you have any questions about membership, running for the board, or joining as a corporate sponsor, don’t hesitate to contact use at [email protected]

.NET Foundation Project News

DNN Summit (Feb 19-23)

DNN Summit is just a few weeks away, and .NET Foundation Executive Director Jon Galloway will be presenting the keynote. There are still tickets available, come join us in Denver!

Steeltoe: Modernize .NET Apps for a Microservices Architecture

Great article by David Dieruf discussing Steeltoe and modernizing .NET Apps in The New Stack.

NUnit .NET Core 3.0 Support

The ‘dotnet new nunit’ template has been updated for .NET Core 3.0. (Specify `–framework` to use other frameworks.) Thanks halex2005!

Cake: v0.32.0 release, and a look back at 2018

The Cake team posted about v0.32.0, and included some fun stats on 2018: 11 releases of Cake, hundreds of PRs from over fifty individual contributors, hundreds of issues raised and closed, and millions of downloads. Congrats!


The ReactiveUI team has been busy this month! In addition to several bugfix releases on the 9.x line, the team released two previews of 10.0.0, with support for WPF and WinForms under .NET Core 3.0.


Our .NET Foundation sponsored .NET Meetup Pro groups continue to grow! Here are some quick stats:

249 Groups (+6)
51 Countries
157K Members (+7K)

We’ve also started sending newsletters to Meetup organizers, including some links for some free swag for their groups. If your meetup hasn’t joined yet, you can right here.

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